What is a time control system and what types are there?
We use the terms of the schedule control system to refer to tools, apps, or solutions, whether or not they are computer-based, that help collects input and output data for workers in the workplace.

The concept itself is not limited to manual transfer systems since you can find different solutions on the market that have very valuable functionalities for the employer and the worker. Now that you have a clearer idea of what a time control system is, remember that Excel templates, software to record the day, biometric control systems, and time machines stand out among the most popular types of time control systems. file.

Classes of time control systems:

Whatever the working model of your company, you can count on different types of time control systems :

1. Excel templates, an ally to a certain extent:

Excel templates as a presence control system are a very limited option. A practical solution, but in the long run, it can be very tedious for the human resources department. They will also have to store the data somewhere and this means occupying a space that the company may need for other more important things.

The Excel templates to file contain formulas and require constant revision to avoid mistakes and confusion. It is a simple a priori solution, but in the long term, it may not be the most recommended and less if you have mobile workers such as commercials or employees who work from home since this system for signing is not compatible with its form to work.

2. Time control software with adapted functionalities:

Another type of time control system is software, apps, or digital tools that have emerged in recent years. The implementation is very simple, these are systems that require payment depending on the users, and whose main function is the time registration. But time control software with adapted functionalities can have an app for the employee, identify the employee's workload, manage tasks and projects, manage vacations and absences and much more, such as providing data in real-time and generate productivity reports, by projects…. Interesting right? 

This type of tool such as the CuteHr - Free Time Tracking Tool adapts to all kinds of devices, that is, your workers can record their workday from the tablet, from the computer or the mobile.

The software time control has multiple functions, it is as basic as simply pay for what you use, without making large investments.

3. Time recording machines, data collection without analysis:

A time machine is a computerized tool that is mainly used in industries or service sectors to control hours worked and thus calculate overtime or absenteeism. Previously, it was the most demanded type of time and attendance control system. However, currently, this solution to track work attendance has become obsolete, since it requires installation and implementation at a much higher cost than if you opted for a time control software.

4. Biometric control systems, cutting-edge technology:

Unlike other signing tools, biometric control systems track the entry and exit of the working day through the fingerprint or the pupil. This type of solution is chosen in companies where security control is relevant. Through access or transfer terminals, employees can report their entrances and exits from the company.

New technologies have facilitated unambiguous recognition and verification through physical features; such as the fingerprint, the iris, or even the voice that are already a reality in this field.

In conclusion, what is the most suitable time control system for my company?

Biometric systems are one of the types of recording tools that are made through recognition, for example, fingerprint or pupils, and are the most expensive systems on the market. This kind of time control system does not contribute much to more traditional companies, unless your company requires a high-security control, in that case, it is recommended that you opt for a biometric time control system.

If you are a declared fan of time control templates, we recommend that you try a demo of any of the options offered by the market to see for yourself how you can save your template time when signing up and making decisions the hand of the reports generated and based on the most current data.

On the other hand, if remote work is key in the operation of your company, hire a time control system that allows geolocation. If you like creating reports in PDF or Excel, don't worry, the apps for signing have several options to export the data in PDF, text, and even as an Excel template.

Are you looking for a tool that not only helps you manage time control? With software such as CuteHR, you can see who is working at all times and take a look at how the workday is going in real-time, as well as manage vacations or other absences and obtain all this data in a few clicks.

Do not forget that time recording is a comfort bet for both you as the boss and your employees, choose an option that is not intrusive and that adapts to the needs of the company.