‘Voice of Family Business on Capitol Hill’ Podcast Series Launched by Family Enterprise USA
‘Voice of Family Business on Capitol Hill’ Podcast Series Launched by Family Enterprise USA
Host Pat Soldano, President, Family Enterprise USA/Policy Taxation Group, Focuses Attention on Key Issues Facing Families, Their Businesses, and Legislation Dr. Frank Luntz Talks About Political Messaging in First Episode, ‘Why Language Matters’; First Episodes Sponsored by Auerbach Commercial Realty

WASHINGTON DC, Sept, 2022A new podcast series, “The Voice of Family Business on Capitol Hill,” has been launched by Family Enterprise USA and the Policy and Taxation Group.

The podcast series, hosted by Pat Soldano, President of Family Enterprise USA and Policy and Taxation Group, features interviews with experts from politics, marketing, tax, and law and focuses on the issues facing families and their businesses. Both groups advocate for families and their businesses.

The premiere episode airs September 15 and features Dr. Frank Luntz, well-known political strategist and messaging expert, who discusses “Why Language Matters.” The podcast dives into how language shapes America and its politics, how other people’s words can create powerful messages, and why what people say matters more today than ever before.

The “Voice of Family Business on Capitol Hill” will air on all major podcast platforms, such as Spotify, Apple iTunes, and TuneIn. The first three episodes are sponsored by Auerbach Commercial Realty. The shows will run monthly. Subscribers will receive alerts as future shows are posted.

“We are excited about this new platform for communicating the latest news, expert opinions, and insights affecting the country’s largest employer, the American Family Business,” said Pat Soldano, about the new online show. “We are thrilled to have Frank Luntz be our first guest and the subject matter, how language matters, is a critical topic in today’s polarized culture,” she said.  “Our goal with this series is to bring to life the critical stories that affect families and their businesses, and how we can get our legislators to listen.”

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About Family Enterprise USA

Family Enterprise USA promotes family business and job creation, growth, viability, and sustainability by advocating for family businesses, their lifetime of savings, and the issues they face running their businesses every day. The issues we fight for or against with Congress in Washington DC are high Income Tax Rates, possible elimination of Valuation Discounts, increase in Capital Gains Tax, enactment of a Wealth Tax, and the continued burden of the Estate Tax (death tax), and with the possible elimination of Step up in Basis. Family Enterprise USA represents and celebrates all sizes, and industries of family businesses and multi-generational employers. FEUSA is a 501.C3 organization


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