Video Games That Could Be Adapted To Make Great Movies
Video Games That Could Be Adapted To Make Great Movies
Video games have great stories in them. But for over 30 years, there has not been any film adapted from games.

Video games have great stories in them. But for over 30 years, there has not been any film adapted from games.

There are so many incredible video games that can be translated into an incredible screenplay. However, the filmmaker must understand the theme and source material of the game.

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is available for Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation. The game was developed and published by The Collective and Atari, Inc., respectively.

The plot of the game begins in the New Radius Slums. It follows an amateur graffiti artist who runs away from home to pursue his dreams.

Film director, producer, and screenwriter Ryan Coogler would be the best person to adapt to the film. The filmmaker is best known for his projects, including Rocky, Black Panther, and Creed. Coogler’s projects are mostly commercially successful and have received critical acclaim.

His movies are about society and politics with an enormous amount of entertainment. Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan form an amazing duo. And Jordan will also be perfect for the role.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Bluepoint Games’ 2018 action-adventure video game, Shadow of the Colossus, was published for PlayStation 4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game has received much appreciation and is critically acclaimed.

The plot of the gameplay follows the young man Wander, who goes to a prohibited land. He is then forced to kill 16 giant beasts. Gareth Edwards is the best person to direct the adapted film.

The director gained popularity for his 2010 independent movie Monsters. Later he directed many amazing movies, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Godzilla, and the Star Wars Anthology.

The 2014 Godzilla had many issues with the film, but the film’s design was incredible, which helped the movie impress the audience. Hence there is no filmmaker other than Edwards to create the project.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar North’s 2002 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was published by Rockstar Games. It is set in the fictional Vice City, based on Miami, in 1986. The game follows gangster Tommy Vercetti after he is released from prison. Slowly he builds an empire of criminals and takes power from other criminal organizations.

Martin Scorsese should direct the film of the adaptation. According to past projects, Scorsese is best for directing gangster movies. He is best known for his work theme related to nihilism, machismo, crime, and tribalism. Some of his popular projects are Taxi Driver, The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman, and many more.

God Of War

David Jaffe’s action-adventure game, God Of War, began with the PlayStation 2 video game console. The game is based on ancient mythology and follows a Spartan warrior, Kratos. Kratos’ family was killed by the former master, the Greek God of War Ares. God Of War is the story of Kratos’ path of revenge.

Zack Snyder should be considered for the project as his works’ have a dark tone in the films and consist of superhero characters. The game has enough source material that can be connected to Synder’s style.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Neversoft’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was released on 29 September 1999 only for PlayStation. The game is later ported to Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, N-Gage, and Boy Color.

The game does not have a linear narrative, but there are many more games and narrative-driven entries in the series. Director Catherine Hardwicke is the best person for the direction of the movie. She has a good understanding of shooting a sequence of skateboarding. Hardwicke is best known for her work, including Lords of Dogtown, The Nativity Story, Twilight, Red Riding Hood, Plush, Miss You Already, Miss Bala, and Thirteen.

The above are a few games that can be adapted into films.

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