Uber Clone, Uber Clone App, On-Demand Uber Clone
Uber Clone, Uber Clone App, On-Demand Uber Clone
TurnkeyTown offers a Ready-made solution for startups and entrepreneurs, we have per build web & mobile application in android and iOS with admin dashboard to jump start your millionaire dollar venture like UBER, Whatsapp, Facebook, Airbnb, Tinder.

Uber Clone, Uber Clone App, On-Demand Uber Clone

Get a feature-rich application that is tailor-made to enhance your user-friendliness. With our Uber clone readymade solution, you can launch a taxi app business in just 48 hours.


With the growing demands in the ride-hailing services, many entrepreneurs and traditional taxi owners are in a hurry to enter the market to generate huge revenue. If you are one among them, who owns a traditional taxi business and planning to reform, our on-demand Uber clone scripts will provide the necessity. Years ago, it was never so easy to start a taxi venture, but today you can launch your application within 48 hours using this readymade white-label solution.

Our White-label Uber clone app script comprises four distinct platforms for users, drivers, admin, and dispatcher. All these are equipped with cutting-edge features as per the demographics of the customer. With our cost-effective development solutions, we help you launch your applications in native as well as iOS platforms at a reasonable price. Besides, to remain distinguished from our competitors, we will personalize the application efficiently and move an extra mile to make your web application's appearance appealing.

uber clone What We Offer in Uber Clone Script Package

We provide a pre-fabricated Uber clone script that is entirely white-labeled and can be personalized based on your business demands. We promise to offer you clone scripts that provide a seamless experience with intuitive and responsive panels to maintain peak performance.

A clear-cut solution for smart travelers. Enabling easy booking with a more advanced and sophisticated taxi app UI to increase user interaction as well as conversion rate. We integrate a set of standard functions right from registration to tracking. Know a few more about the additional features of our passenger app below

Book a ride now or schedule

Our uber-like app allows flexible booking times for your passenger to take rides at the very moment or later to reach destinations.

Booking History

Keep your passengers informed about the past, present, and upcoming ride details through this feature.

Payment options

Integrate payment gateways of your choice like , PayPal, and Stripe to smooth payment process.

Fare Estimates

Allow your passengers to get an approximate estimate of the fare before booking the ride through this feature.

Push Notifications

Notify your riders about the trip fares, driver's location, and estimated arrival time. This feature is vital since it increases the personalized user experience.

uber clone

  • SOS Button

    Increase your security by adding the SOS button on the app's main screen to allow your riders to get help during an emergency.

    Change/cancel booking

    Users can cancel trips after the ride is confirmed if he/she doesn't require the ride. There will also be a penalty for canceling rides.

    Real-time tracking

    Riders can track driver’s movement in real-time using GPS map embedded within the app.

    Share trip details

    Set this feature to add extra peace of mind since this allows the user to easily share the trip status to their friends and family.

    Promo codes

    Customers can add the promo code to gain a discount on their total trip fare.

    Our seamless taxi app like Uber allows the driver to quickly manage their ride requests, to keep track of each ride and its income. Our taxi app solution offers it with integrated analytics to estimate the efficiency of the drivers. The features in the driver app include

    Instant alert on ride request

    Notify about the ride request to drivers whenever a request arises from the surrounding areas.

    Route Navigation

    Drivers can find the best route to reach customer location quickly with this inbuilt tracking facility. This feature also allows navigating the driver to rider's destination with real-time path line.

Driver support chat

Drivers can call or chat with the customer as well as service support agent if any query arises regarding the trip.

Trip Earnings

Drivers can view his daily, weekly, and monthly earnings report with details of the trip including date and time.

Drivers can set their offline and online status based on their availability. If offline, the request can't be received .

Invoice details

Drivers can view their trip earnings along with details about the payments of rides including the amount that is transferred with referral and promo bonus or tax amount.

Surge Pricing

Drivers can know the details about the locations that are surge priced and can plan their schedule accordingly.

Easy Registration

Drivers can start their service after registering in the app using his/her contact information or social profiles.

Admin panel allows you to control the overall operation of the applications, i.e., you can track passenger and driver behaviour and all other transactions that occurs within the Uber clone app. With this adequate business monitoring, you can take up a holistic business analysis and come up with intelligent decision-making.

Promo codes

Can manage promo code details like code, country, percentage type, expiration date, and other info about active and inactive status.

Earnings report

Check daily, monthly, and trip earning report with all details including options for edit, add wallet, enter banking details with filter and data export option.

Document verification

Verify the background details of drivers before hiring and manage the documents with its IDs, name, country, etc. with edit option.

Surge pricing

Surge price the rides for locations where the demand is high and also set tariffs through this option.

God’s eye view

Admin can see the overall operations like earnings, user and driver details, online and offline status of drivers, locations, total trips, and commissions earned.

Adding of bank account

Add your drivers’ bank account to get weekly commission based on the number of rides they complete.

With our dispatcher panel, you can seamlessly assign drivers to locations where the rider requests the ride. The dispatcher can handle phone bookings, schedule trips, and manage taxi locations and payments via this panel. Also, he/she can invoice the fare details to the rider accounts once the ride is completed.

Social media login

Easily login to the application using email IDs or social media profiles to start the service immediately without a fuss.

Fare Estimates

Based on the rider's pickup location and destination, dispatchers can estimate the fare and display it before the rider books the ride.

Manage Request

The dispatcher can easily manage all types of requests from the riders i.e, handling bookings, location details, payment details, etc.

Reviews & Feedback

View the reviews and feedbacks of riders regarding the trip and experience. This way the taxi service can be enhanced.

uber clone script Our Uber Clone Premium Features

Our Uber clone script comes with premium features that could help you evolve as an even more robust and standard business in the taxi industry. You can choose as well as customize it according to your requirement. A few features that you can take a look at are listed below,

Book for others

Users can book ride for others on behalf of them whenever they want to.

Referral earnings

Give your drivers a referral benefit when they refer to any new driver through the app.

Red zone areas

Alert your drivers to avoid routes that are heavily jammed due to traffic or other consequences.

Drivers can choose carpooling option where they can drive more than one rider to places.

Set service radius

Admins can set a particular radius or distinct parameters for drivers when they start their service.

Ads management

Admin can set to display ads on riders app during their wait time. This can increase ad generation revenue of your business.


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We follow a unique strategy to develop a well-functioning customer-centric application. Our Uber clone apps are readymade and available for installation and deployment. The only thing that you have to do is to get it customized and launch it today on the Play Store and App Store.

As we concentrate on providing a robust solution for you, we follow a few development procedures that could help us build an effective taxi booking app, unlike other services. Our process includes


A complete analysis of your requirements will be done at the first stage to know your ideas to build a prototype.


A layout will be designed based on the idea that you shared and will be discussed for further modulation.


All customization, installation, and feature integration will take place during the developing process.


The developed structure will be tested on multiple platforms to examine its performance and functionality.


Once the application is completely tested and optimized, it will be out for final deployment.

Our Uber clone platforms are truly turnkey and feature-rich that give you a competitive advantage. They come equipped with a robust admin dashboard that helps you manage operations with ease. Meanwhile, the user-friendly UI helps your customers navigate the platform with ease. The accurate GPS-tracking function ensures that drivers travel between destinations without any delays. Turnkey Town also assists you with key insights and strategies that make you stand out in the crowd.

The taxi business has a sustainable revenue model and operates with less ownership compared to other ventures. Also, it has less risk factor.

Turnkeytown is a one-stop solution for getting a readymade solution ( like Uber clones) at a reasonable price. Whether it is a food delivery application or taxi application, we have skilled developers who could create it and deliver on time.

Analyze and develop a business plan along with the revenue model for your on-demand business. Then, approach our team and deliver your ideas. We also give entire pre and post technical support to keep your business stable.

Describe your requirements regarding your business plan to our representative and get to know the payment details along with it. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with us.

Get to watch a live demo of how your app will be developed by requesting our business representative. We will quickly schedule a session based on your availability.

Yes. With the toggling feature in the Uber clone app, he can update his availability status as online or offline. And based on this, the driver will receive the requests.

Earnings report in the app will allow drivers to keep track of their trip earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. He can also view the other details of the ride like fare, date, etc.

Yes, he can cancel the ride based on his availability. But the driver must choose a valid reason for canceling the trip which includes the wrong address, long duration ETA, etc.

Yes. Riders can schedule the ride for a later time and simultaneously, the driver will be notified about this.

Of course! The rider can view all the details about the past and present trip history along with detailed information about the trip.

Yes. Users will receive alerts about the driver's location, trip fares, and other information regarding the ride. The alerts will be sent in the form of pop-ups.

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