Tricor Group Awarded Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure
Tricor Group Awarded Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure
Tricor Group (Tricor), Asia’s leading business expansion specialist providing integrated business, corporate, investor, human resources and payroll

Tricor Group (Tricor), Asia’s leading business expansion specialist providing integrated business, corporate, investor, human resources and payroll, corporate trust and debt services, fund administration, and strategic business advisory, has been recognized as Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure by IDC Malaysia in the 2021 IDC Future Enterprise Awards Malaysia.

In 2019, Tricor embarked on a company-wide digital transformation strategy to address operational pain points, deliver superior solutions and craft personalized client experiences. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has completely revolutionized Tricor’s user experience (UX) and back-end processing, underpinned Tricor’s digital transformation journey well before COVID-19 triggered a massive shift to digitalization and virtualization. Tricor’s digital strategy has helped the firm rapidly implement new technology to better develop products and solutions that meet evolving, growing marketplace needs.

Early in its digital transformation journey, Tricor established a Shared Services Center in Kuala Lumpur (Tricor ace) and established a Center of Excellence to introduce technology to core business lines. Tricor’s use of this technology has expanded to corporate servicing, payroll, accounting and other areas, all while helping to enhance servicing capacity and quality.

Wendy Wang, Group CFO & Group COO of Tricor Group, said: “We are honored to receive this prestigious award and have our digital transformation efforts recognized by IDC. We are also proud of the outstanding work our Tricor ace team has done to deliver RPA solutions to our clients and raise the bar in professional services. We view this ‘Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure’ award as further validation of our leading position in the industry, now and for years to come.”

Yeap Kok Leong, CEO & Managing Director of Tricor Malaysia / Labuan, said: “This award recognizes that innovation is our passion and lies at the core of the work we do every day on behalf of our clients. Overall, digitization is enabling Tricor’s Corporate Services business line to be reimagined, driving a transformational end-to-end change in service delivery and customer experience for our clients.”

Prasad KNVS, Head of Tricor Shared Service Center, said: “Tricor ace now automates client servicing across a range of functions, including payroll, invoice management and HR processes. Essentially, having a Shared Service Center allows our clients to focus on core activities that grow their businesses, while Tricor takes care of the rest through our hi-tech center of excellence & highly skilled professional workforce. This award is not just an accolade for how much we’ve progressed so far but, more importantly, a promising sign for how far we will go as we scale new heights and continue our digital transformation journey.”

Duncan Tan, Senior Research Manager of IDC ASEAN, said: “With organizations adapting to the changes towards the Next Normal, IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2021 is recognizing the new chapter where organizations are reprioritizing their DX Agenda. Tricor Group demonstrated a clear strategy in delivering reliable digital services and experience to their clients while redefining a data driven operating model that is tailored to meet their needs. By embedding automation into a wide range of functions across the organization, Tricor Group has elevated their client satisfaction while delivering new innovative services. This is pivotal in ensuring that Tricor Group remains competitive in the world of the digital economy.”

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