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X-Byte Enterprise Solutions provides IoT development services for all businesses. We develop custom platforms and applications for various industries like Automobile, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing etc. Get a Free Quote

As a best topnotch IoT WebApp Development Service Company in USA/UAE. We provide all types ofInternet of things application development solutions. Using AWS and Google Cloud,we offer next gen IoT services and solutions including backend & frontedapp development, iBeacon app development, Bluetooth app development, big data analytics,M2M communication, app security consulting, wired and Wi-Fi solutions andmore.,


We make use of reliable web service technologies whichpromote interoperability between devices and operating systems. We make use ofadvanced Amazon Web Services cloud platform that promises minimum downtime andend-to-end accessibility via cloud technology. All our IoT solutions leverageAWS cloud technology to ensure everything is online, round the clock.


X-Byte EnterpriseSolutions leverages all modern IoT protocols to design and develop next-genIoT solutions for factory automation, home automation and other use cases ofIoT in the modern era. Our experienced team of IoT developers is proficient inusing advanced frameworks for cutting-edge connectivity and performance.


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