Top 5 NFT Games - Universal Games that will Blow your Mind!
Top 5 NFT Games - Universal Games that will Blow your Mind!
Blockchain and NFTs have been hype as the next popular and big thing for the gaming industry.

NFTs are beyond the limit of inflated expectations, climbing up the slope of enlightenment and trough of disillusionment in digital art and digital collectibles

Top 5 NFT Games - Universal Games that will Blow your Mind!

As the Cryptocurrency tends to be the biggest market also with a trend setting gaming platform that established many unique titles through engaging trading methods. Even there are many NFT games are emerging, only a few offer interesting impression in making money online by attractive gaming modes and trading in-game items.


People now came to know about the money making impact created by the NFTs, No-fungible Tokens as they are a unique form of rare collectibles that cannot be replaced. Already, NFT Marketplaces still succeed in the Blockchain network that drives many users to bring more users to the platform where trading gets smooth and secure in a decentralized network.


Now, NFT games are the current trend for the users to get and also for the administrators to give, which is called as "Trading in Gaming".


  Top 5 NFT Games

Even though the difference of Technology promoted in these five different NFT Games, they all work on the same technology of back-end operations. Each offers the same set of money making procedures but with unique features that can be differentiated among them which makes them competitive. The concept and collectibles vary with each NFT Games that are developed mainly for the gamers and money makers and hence they will choose the perfect fit for them to use and utilize.

Let's look into the Top NFT Games that made huge attention right from its release,


  Axie Infinity - Infinity Revenue Infinity Profit

Axie Infinity uses an impressive NFT technology, and it has gained an impressive following by its amazing working factor. It programs AXS and SLP, two cryptocurrencies that are based on Ethereum and by July 2021, a whopping $50 million is on the cards of NFT Collection in trademark.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT game around the gaming center that distinguished and related to NFT Marketplace protocol. Axie Infinity uses top-notch functionality that enhances its gameplay for the users on the Blockchain network like other games. It is similar and inspired by Pokemon, the game which attracted a huge set of people ran by collecting fantasy monsters that you can breed or trade. "Axies" are the set of unique creatures that can be collected and traded as monsters.


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CryptoKitties the name itself will show its display as a fun game that is based on the network of Ethereum Blockchain. You can collect your creatures in the form of cats that are unique to each other and can breed them to get more. This game will engage you in many participation and extra games like puzzle-solving that allows you to proceed your game further. This game has its style that has been fetched from the most interesting game, Pokemon. It has gained its popularity only by its name that is still a popular oscillation among the audience.


Its innovative ideology of gaming system in the form of playing and trading with "Kittens" increased attention to the general public. Thus, having a game like Cryptokitties will make you transform a useless time into a useful many.


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Sorare NFT Game also performed well at the blockchain platform and got its position one among the Top 5. Football is the top center of fans sector in the world of sports than any other games, Sorare have used this scenario perfectly to engage the audience into users and players. It is a fantasy football game, where you can arrange your favorite team of players and get rewards for how they perform in real-life game. Here, the players are considered as NFTs and so the games gives a different feel than other NFT Games.


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Zed Run

Zed Run is a Horse-racing game that comes with a new functionality enclosed by a Marketplace and Breeding elements. You can create new horses that are chargeable by breeding and you can list your collectibles and in-game assets. So by these set of programs you can have many rewards through 1000 available simulations and much more.


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  Evolution Land

Even half of the gamers like to play a city building game and for this comes the Evolution Land as a helping hand. This game differs from the other in the Top 5 game category. In this game you can build buildings and turn them into a big country as each continent merely exists on a separate blockchain network.


Other than this, there are few good NFT games such as Decentraland, Splinterlands, Cryptopunks etc.


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