the ultimate guide to search engine optimisation
the ultimate guide to search engine optimisation
the ultimate guide to search engine optimisation

When selecting the top Global SEO agencies, there are a few things to consider. First, talk to the account managers in your country. This is essential if you are planning to expand globally. In addition you should also look at the speed and usability of their websites and their costs.

Website speed

SEO strategies to improve website speed are important include: Your browser spends a considerable amount of time downloading HTML code when it receives an HTTP server response. Even a tiny response from a server could take up to 10 milliseconds. Additional resources such as stylesheets and images are also saved in the cache of the browser. Without these resources, a lot of websites would look ugly. Fortunately CDNs can help. CDN can help.

Google evaluates page speed as very high. Pages that load slow will be penalized. The user experience is also affected by speed of your page. Slow websites result in high bounce rates and lower conversions. An SEO strategy that improves the speed of your website will result in more traffic and higher rankings.

The average page load time is just a seo optimering firma little over 3 seconds. The faster a website loads faster, the more likely it will be found in search results and boost sales. It also improves the user experience. Mobile websites that load in less than two seconds have a 15% better conversion rate.


Usability is a major aspect in marketing websites. It's how users interact with documents and pages. Usability