The Pros And Cons Of Breakfast Cereals
The Pros And Cons Of Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast cereals grains are stripped of their vitamins and critical elements during the extrusion process.

Breakfast cereals are fortified foods that are high in minerals, vitamins, iron, zinc, and other nutrients. Breakfast cereals are prepared from various grains such as barley, wheat, rice, oats, corn, and others. Floured, mixed with other ingredients, baked, dried, and shaped into various shapes, these morning cereals are made. They are a wonderful source of fibre and minerals and come in a variety of forms, including flaked, puffed, and shredded.

Breakfast cereals not only have a lot of sugar, syrups, and sweeteners, but they also have a lot of potentially harmful ingredients and preservatives. Artificial colours, which are used to make cereals look more colourful and enticing, have been related to behavioural disorders, increased cancer risk, and allergic reactions in many cereal brands, especially those sold to youngsters.

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