the next big thing in 247 creative co australia
the next big thing in 247 creative co australia
the next big thing in 247 creative co australia

Why Content Is Such A Fundamental Part Of The Web Design Process

When embarking on a new site task, designers tend to concentrate on the aesthetics and functionality of their work. This means that content writing is a job frequently pressed onto the client to fulfil. The regrettable consequence of this decision is that the website's material ultimately can be found in far too late, in the incorrect format, and of poor quality.

When it comes to composing material, I'm sorry to state that clients are often simply not very good. My clients are fantastic in many ways, but writing convincing and informative content that prompts the reader to action, is generally not one of their skills.

As a web designer myself, I have been guilty of encouraging my clients to produce their own material. In one job I used Google Drive to manage More help the process.

Sadly, the client required a great deal of coaching on how to use the file editor and when they lastly produced the content much of it lacked focus. I had to tell them it was impracticable. They returned to the drawing board and the task took months longer than it otherwise might have.

I sometimes feel like I've invested half my career waiting around for customers to write content. The other half has actually been invested trying to ensure whatever they produce does not mess up the style.

Content production within the site style procedure can be tricky to manage. In this post I share