The Government Is Overlooking the Worsening Condition of Homeless People on the Streets of Seattle
The Government Is Overlooking the Worsening Condition of Homeless People on the Streets of Seattle
The Number of Homeless People is Increasing, One Quarter is Children and More Than Ten Thousand are Veterans.

Date,2020,Seattle, Washington: A hugeportion of American Society is now visible on the streets of major cities suchas Seattle, new york, San Fransisco, and Chicago. Numerous people due tovarious reasons are turning into homeless and the streets are crowded with themass population. The common reason for homelessness is escaping from domesticviolence, loss of jobs, too little income to pay the rent, poverty, joblessnessand other specified and unspecified reasons. The condition of Seattle'shomeless people is getting worse and the government is taking zeroresponsibilities to take the situation under control. 

Several social organizations suchas St. Lutheran Church are taking volunteering steps and trying to help thesepeople with raising fund but the estimated value is not sufficient to help allthe unfortunate souls. The survival has become extremely challenging in thehomeless camps that are situated under the several bridges of Seattle. Due toextreme unhygienic ambiance, harsh weather, and malnutrition, most of thepeople are suffering from severe health conditions. These people have nopaperwork, solid identity proof and other essential documentation that can helpthem to establish in life or find a job. They are psychologically disturbed andmost of them are relapsing under drug overdose and ending up with troubles withpolice. 

According to the socialresearcher, volunteers, and clergymen of churches, the government recently hadraised a fund worth 36million dollars for the welfare of homeless people, butthe city development community failed to utilize the money appropriately andthere was no betterment in the condition. Again the social agencies are nottrying to act collectively as they fear it can raise political propaganda. TheMedia is hesitant to cover these matters and due to the lack of media coverage,the reality of circumstances is being overlooked by the government. These homelesspeopleare extremely helpless and need maximum attention from the higherauthorities. 

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