The future of NFTs in the video game world
The future of NFTs in the video game world
Seen what has been seen, it is easy to intuit that this is about making money and speculating with digital goods.

Sort of like the one who uploaded his World of Warcraft account and then sold it to the highest bidder. The only difference seems to be that beyond that, all you get is cosmetic items. A priori unique today due to its exclusive design, and more unique tomorrow due to the statistics of other players associated with that digital certificate .

It is easy to see what Ubisoft wants to do with it, or how Epic Games could be interested in opening the doors to this type of business in its store after Valve's refusal . If you push me, I can even guess where EA 's shots are going in regards to the world of NFTs .

The idea of ​​a FIFA Ultimate Team based on NFT , with exclusive players participating in an exclusive league, sounds -as well as elitist- a good deal for those who have already shown that a large digital market can be created with which to make a lot of money.


That is precisely the excuse I have been reading article after article. Those who point to the video game as the future of the NFT do so knowing that, in addition to the art world, it is in the video game industry where you can most easily find users who have already had a certain relationship with digital goods and ethereal currencies . It's been in business ever since someone thought of putting armor on a horse.

What can blockchain and NFT do to revolutionize video games?

The feeling is that they want to strain us. That we are the trial balloon from which to open up to other possible markets, but since I do not want to be misconceived and in reality I do not know the large-scale plan that is being talked about, I have decided to look for what is promised by those who affirm that the blockchain and the NFT They are the future of the video game world .

Below you will find a complete compilation of all the reasons I have found from experts on why games associated with blockchain are a revolution.

Quite common answers among the different media and companies consulted ( Binance , Analytics Insight , Zipmex or Cointelegraph ) to the question of what blockchain and NFT can do to revolutionize video games and, more importantly, why should I care as a player.


The gaming economy can grow naturally

  • What they say: Users can be rewarded for their participation in the games, thus earning digital assets that they can then sell or exchange for other digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

  • What I see: Other than that digital certification, this is like selling Steam trading cards or Counter-Strike skins . We know the problems behind some of these practices and, although everyone is free to do what they consider to earn the beans, I don't see why something that already exists needs one more layer of technological investment, contamination of the planet and more ways entrance to gambling. Beyond money and speculation with digital goods, I don't see that it can be a big change for the video game world.

The market is decentralized

  • What they say: Players will be able to trade, sell or buy assets without intervention from the developer. The latter use centralized markets to modify the appearance rate of a certain item or artificially modify the game's economy.

  • What I see: It would not be the first time that someone artificially modifies any economy, it is as simple as speculating with the goods offered or influencing public opinion to modify supply and demand. More or less what we have already seen with tweets from large corporations causing stock and cryptocurrency prices to go up or down. In any case, we return to the same thing a bit, it is another way of earning money that does not benefit the experience as a player at all . Maybe, maybe, in his pocket.

Optimized payments for all transactions

  • What they say: Blockchain protocols can reduce fees and speed up financial transactions.

  • What I see: It would be more interesting if there was talk of eliminating commissions, but I understand that this is the business of Ubisoft Quartz and that, without them, entering the world of NFT would be of little interest. In any case, it is still not something that interests me in the least as a player.

The possibility of preventing fraud

  • What they say: Being a decentralized network, payments are more secure and agile, preventing user information from being compromised or their credit card data from being sold on the black market.

  • What I see: Okay, that has escalated fast. First of all, to say that, fortunately - knock on wood - I have never had a problem in this area. Second, in reality the NFT world has already been plagued by fraud when it comes to selling works of art that did not belong to the seller, fakes or scams. The last control point is still the user, more or less as it is now.


Unique, scarce and proprietary assets

  • What they say: Being blockchain-based games, the digital assets of the game are permanently owned and you have full control over them, thus allowing them to be traded and maintained on a distributed network.

  • What I see: There is no need to think about this too much, in essence it is adding one more layer of FOMO to what is already a problem today, the elitism generated as a result of kids who can afford to buy a skin from a game and the ones that don't Although it is a way for the developer to be able to finance itself, I do not understand what that layer of exclusivity brings to the player beyond promoting that classism, and even less what is revolutionary about it.

Blockchain gaming is open to everyone

  • What they say: Being open projects based on blockchain protocols, any player with a mobile phone could access them tomorrow.

  • What I see: I understand that here they talk about a game in the cloud accessible from a browser, or a browser game itself. The fact that it is open to everyone sounds regular considering that it will depend on the type of connection you have or if your mobile can run that game without problems. I don't see why the blockchain game is going to contribute something different to what already exists today because, beyond that technology, the video game will always demand other types of requirements.

Anyone can create games on blockchain protocols

  • What they say: Being open and decentralized, anyone can create games on top of blockchain protocols. Players will be able to switch between those games quickly and easily by moving their NFTs from one game to another. Something that is not possible today.

  • What I see: Well, actually today anyone can create a game in Unity for free, and even create another game and have their profile in both save what skins they have in one to replicate them in the other. I don't see where the technological leap is.

You can participate in the development

  • What they say: Blockchain gaming ensures that you can develop your own NFTs to trade in-game.

  • What I see: This can already be done in games that allow it and, although the payment is not direct, ideas like Fortnite referral codes allow the creator to be rewarded for their work. A direct sale seems more appealing to the creator, but there are already markets such as the Unity Asset Store that allow the creator to put a price on his work without having to resort to these technologies.

The advantages in the gaming metaverse

  • What they say: Since digital certificates are unique and owned by you, you can move those tokens from one game to another within the metaverse if they are hosted on the same blockchain.

  • What I see: I'm not quite sure that those who talk about this really know how the skin of a video game works, but I imagine that at some point they will realize the work behind it to adapt a Gucci suit jacket to look good in a doll and, when jumping to another game, that same Gucci suit jacket automatically adapts to a completely different doll. I say the same about the idea of ​​the same network, because the Facebook metaverse will be followed by that of Epic Games , and that of Google , and in none of them will I be able to do anything with that exclusive card of Messi dressed as Santa Claus that I have in the FIFA metaverse . In fact I quite doubt that EALet me take the letter to any other football game.