The Challenge After the New Normal: Business Intelligence Trends Edition
The Challenge After the New Normal: Business Intelligence Trends Edition
The role technology played in transforming the ‘new normal’ will continue to have a thrust in 2021 as well. Learn what Business Intelligence trends are now in action.

The role technology played in transforming the ‘new normal’ will continue to have a thrust in 2021 as well. Learn what Business Intelligence trends are now in action.

EORIS, a global digital accelerator that help companies reduce time to market for their digital journeys, today released the 3rd edition of their annual insights report that highlights the latest business intelligence and innovation as a result of COVID-19 and the forthcoming steps industries should take to ensure a productive 2021. With a theme that focuses on driving disruption and digitalization, “The Challenge After the New Normal” analyzes the role technology played in the success and navigation of companies throughout this past year and how this crisis accelerated the push towards a fourth industrial revolution.  

Martin Mendez, CEO of NEORIS. “2021 is the year to disrupt or be disrupted. Strategic digital transformation is now essential and necessary for companies to boost growth”, added.  

2020 was about reacting to the challenges that were placed in front of us, but we can’t operate under the same conditions this year and expect better results. 2021 is all about how companies can transform and leverage the opportunities and challenges in a constant transformation environment. “Once businesses, employees and customers adopt more efficient and time-saving habits, their behavior shifts permanently”, Anthony DeLima, NEORIS Country Manager for USA stated.

The considerations highlight a compilation of insights from NEORIS’s most expert high-level executives into how the transformative power of technology can help create a much more personalized and efficient response to society’s most urgent needs. Most importantly, it can help companies look ahead and adopt a more proactive scheme.


There is no “going back to normal” 

A few months ago, all we could hear was “when we go back to normal”, but it turns out that the concept of “normal” is no longer the same. This word evolved as a result of the pandemic and the way we operate must do the same. As businesses, employees, and customers adopt more efficient and time-saving routines, their behavior shifts permanently, and even though vaccines will immunize us in the coming months, habits have already changed forever. 

A Tech Company Attitude 

The nature of the tech industry is change and innovation, we live in a fast-paced world where we must always think one step ahead. The game is not playing catch-up, it’s adapting constantly and paving the way for what you think is possible. Tech companies are visionaries and risk-takers, and 2021 will be about getting out of that comfort zone to survive. The industry is disruptive, constantly pushing boundaries to transforms processes, operations, and business models, adapting to everchanging factors and embracing innovation as a core strategy.  

The year to make your customers fall in love with your brand 

Despite social distancing, 2021 will be the year to be closer than ever to your clients. Direct contact with a consumer was a way of flirting, from the moment someone walked in your store, there was just one end game, to make them fall in love with your brand. You had to read the wants of your client to foresee their every need, while always providing a memorable experience. Now things have changed, body language is no longer an ally, and some may feel like a huge wall has been built between this courteous relationship. But the steep rise in Ecommerce forced a shift for all companies, pushing them to implement new ways of reaching customers directly and building relationships in real-time. It might sound strange, but when it comes to enamoring customers technology can help. Digital tools allow companies to know and understand their clients, helping organizations still attain those direct and personal connections, tailored to each consumer.  

The Key is in the Data

The Covid-19 pandemic boosted a rapid migration to digitalization, for both companies and consumers, that is creating an extraordinary amount of data. This data is growing at such intense rates, that without the proper tools to process it, something that could be the key to your business’ success, becomes a sudden loss. Almost a year into the pandemic, executives are starting to realize the inevitable value of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and how they are not a mere luxury, but a necessity. In 2021, the losses of not jumping into digitalization will be much more arresting than the investments of moving towards innovation.

Innovation takes many forms 

When we talk about innovation, we don’t always picture something glamorous or evident, there are many efforts and sacrifices that need to be made in order to advance a company in this path. Many times, this change isn’t noticeable to the public as it can take the form of many alternate shapes and sizes. This road is different for every organization and the transformation should be tailored to individual and personal needs. After all, it can be small changes that will make all the difference.  

“Once innovation begins, it only grows exponentially” said martin Mendez, CEO at NEORIS. “We aim to guide company executives on the steps and practices they should take into consideration to create change and innovation to survive and thrive in 2021” finalized.