The Black Label of White Label SEO
The Black Label of White Label SEO
White label SEO, also known as private label, is a service provided by an SEO agency to a client through whom the product the agency develops is stripped down of any branding in order for the client to brand it as his own and then re-sell it.

White label SEO, also known as private label, is a service provided by an SEO agency to a client through whom the product the agency develops is stripped down of any branding in order for the client to brand it as his own and then re-sell it. Many companies use this kind of services mostly because it spares them the headache of having an in-house SEO team and because the agency providing the service has no direct contact with the end consumer. Thus, the company buying the service and the agency providing it can keep their relation confidential.

The Pros of White Labeling

Search engine optimization (SEO) is forever developing and it has become paramount to be constantly refreshed with the progressions in order to guarantee that people are visiting your website. As a digital era marketer, it’s hard to do everything. Sites, social media marketing, brand building, etc., you cannot keep up with all of these when SEO is developing this fast. So, these are some of the pros of private or white labeling:

1. Increased revenue
Before becoming a lean mean marketing machine, an  SEO agency  can start by offering its clients white label SEO services. Emerging agencies can increase their revenue by offering complementary solutions to their customers. Your area of expertise could be in social media, or website design, and you could make a nice living from that. But assuming you don’t have enough clients to do so on these services alone, you could upsell them, or even gain new customers through additional services such as this one.

2. Expert solutions
Clients come in all shapes and sizes. But most of all they come from different backgrounds. That means that they don’t all have a working knowledge of technical aspects. Plus, they’re busy trying to increase sales and don’t have the time to learn. That’s where an SEO agency comes in. This is where the expertise of the people working in an agency really comes into play. Through a  white label SEO  service, they can make sure that their client has more digital exposure freeing him to do what he knows best: growing his company and focusing on sales.

3. Cost effectiveness for better growth
Imagine your agency. Now imagine you have to hire the right people, get the right resources, built the right tools and start building a name for yourself. Now imagine how much time it takes. Not to mention that being new on the market means you have to overcome for some shortcomings and also the operating costs for all of the above mentioned. Now imagine how many of these problems can be solved or avoided altogether if you take the private label route. All that time and money can now be directed into something else, something that will help you to grow. Because, in essence, it all boils down to this: what’s the fastest and most cost-efficient way to grow?

Additional Services

Besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which refers to the optimization of a site to get a higher rank when certain search terms or words are used in a search engine in order to stimulate more traffic towards said site, white, or private label SEO services offer a lot of more high-quality services. These can include:
1. Content marketing: Creating content using the SEO standards in order to boost your site’s rankings.
2. Advanced Web Analytics: the on-page analysis of a website to give a boost to the client site rank in the search engines.
3. Pay-Per-Click Marketing like Google AdWords: Commonly known as pay-per-click

Some voices in the marketing world say that this type of service could create tensions in customer relations if the product is found to be cheaper than what the reseller is asking for it. Others say that the ones offering the service might be tempted to keep the product for themselves if it is too good to sell.

Regardless of all that, there are some real advantages to choosing the right agency to handle your SEO needs. All you have to do is choose the one that can provide you with the quality you want, on the budget that you have, for the customers you are targeting. In order to make the right choice always ask former clients for feedback and do your research about the agency. Creating a long-lasting relationship with your SEO services provider in order to upscale your business is the main objective here.

There are many advantages to white label SEO. A professional SEO agency will be able to offer this type of services. Check your options online, find the one suitable for you and contact them for a detailed proposal.