The 5th World Intelligence Congress Surrounding AI wraps up
The 5th World Intelligence Congress Surrounding AI wraps up
The 5th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) wrapped up at Tianjin’s Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on May 22.

The 5th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) wrapped up at Tianjin’s Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on May 22.

At the closing ceremony, Liu Gang, chief economist at Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, unveiled the 2021 Report on Development of New-generation AI Technology Industry in China and Report on Regional Competitiveness Index of China’s New-generation AI Technology Industry. He said great efforts should be made to accelerate deep fusion of AI technology and real economy to vitalize the traditional manufacturing industry and facilitate development of new social productive forces relying on advanced general technologies. He said we must activate the development potential of social productive forces accumulated through all the previous industrial revolutions.

Wang Guoliang, director of the Administrative Committee of China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a permanent exhibition site of the WIC, shared the Eco-city’s exploration and practices in the development of smart city.

Wang said the Eco-city is seizing all the opportunities to promote innovation in concepts, technologies, management modes, applications and mechanisms revolving around eco-friendly development, people’s livelihood, industrial development and urban governance, hoping to set an example for building of smart cities by implementing the strategy of development driven by ecological and intelligent technologies.

Yin Jihui, director of Tianjin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, gave an introduction to the development of intelligent technology in Tianjin and the implementation of the local policies designed to foster the development of intelligent technology and related industries.

Yin said Tianjin is sparing no efforts to develop related core and key technologies and optimize the industrial ecosystem to strive for high-quality development. He said the city has pulled off remarkable achievements in developing toward a pioneer in AI development and application: it is the country’s only city serving as a state-level pioneering zone for both innovation and application of AI and Internet of Vehicles technologies; it has hosted five sessions of WIC and signed 563 cooperation agreements through the events for projects worth RMB458.9 billion, including those of such companies as Unicloud, 360 Security, TCL and KYLINSOFT, Huawei’s Kunpeng Ecosystem and Tencent’s IDC Data Center, which are adding to the vitality of the city, helping propel its industrial upgrading and cultural transformation, and becoming the city’s “new name cards”.

It is learnt that 215 projects with investments totaling about RMB105.7 billion were signed during the 5th WIC, and 159 (76%) of the projects focus on new-generation information technology, high-tech services, high-end equipment and other new sectors. These projects will help improve the high-end industry chain of Tianjin, and give strong support for the city to seek higher-level development.

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