Stats and techniques to run a successful Uber for handyman business
Stats and techniques to run a successful Uber for handyman business
On-demand handyman app Development

We live in an era, wherein people require quick and efficient service. So, Uber for Handyman app is the right choice for them. People are assigned handyman within minutes of booking them. Here are the current trends in the service sector. 

Some statistics related to on-demand services:

  • The global on-demand home services market size is anticipated to reach $1.57 trillion during 2020-2024.

  • More than 65% of Americans use on-demand services. The number of commercial services has increased in recent years, so this percentage is expected to grow. 

  • The demographic for the on-demand services is spread across countries like Japan, China, the US, the UK, Australia. The on-demand services are extensively used in these countries, and it is expected to grow in other countries, as well.

  • According to the New York Times, the US online home service sector is worth $600 billion. It is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period and post annual growth of almost 49% by 2021.

How to run a successful on-demand handyman app business?

  • Background checks for the service providers

As part of the registration process, every handyman has to submit the relevant documents, which include previous job proof, salary details, and identity proof. Once these details are verified, then the workers can be part of the on-demand services sector.

  • Charge appropriately

The main reason for people opting for this platform is that it is simple to avail of services and demands optimal service charges. So the developers must make sure that the charges for the services are computed accordingly. At the initial stage, it would be a great business strategy to offer services at a lesser price. After you have established your place in the market, you can change them to suit your needs.

  • Estimated time & fare

Once the worker is assigned, the on-demand handyman script should provide users with accurate arrival time and fare. 


Make sure to include these aspects in your on-demand handyman app. It is better to opt for readymade clone app solutions offered by leading app development companies like Appdupe. As these solutions are while-labeled and scalable, the chances of success are high for these handyman clone apps.