Start your successful venture in the eCommerce business with the Etsy Clone app:
Start your successful venture in the eCommerce business with the Etsy Clone app:
In old days, marketing was the pull teeth task whereas marketing in today’s world is the stark opposite. No matter which industry you belong to, marketing or ‘digital marketing’ as we call it now, has become a cakewalk.

Any industry you assume, the reach of that industry because of digital marketing would be higher,if done perfectly. 

What can be more non-appealing than not trying to increase your business’ productivity online? While so many e-commerce businesses like Etsy, Amazon have their ground in the online business, it's important to make a huge entry for your business too. 

To create such online applications is to have a team, creating an application from scratch, and then making it popular and so on. But to have these in a simple way as a one-stop destination, it is made easy peasy by Etsy Clone

What is an Etsy Clone?

The Etsy clone helps you create an eCommerce marketplace without having to code. Using this would make it easier for you to launch the application. The Etsy clone script also lets you customize the app, according to your choice of theme even during special occasions. Your app can also have the specialized features that you think may make your app unique.

Features of Etsy Clone app packages:

There are totally three roles namely Admin, Seller, and Customer. Admin manages the website since they would be the owner of it. And as we know, the seller is the one who sells products and the customer is the one who buys it.

The Etsy Clone lets both the buyer and the seller proceed with any order in a smooth way with the right features listed below.

Payment: The payment of the app can be chosen by the user according to their native payment gateway with ease from around the world.

Login: The customers should log in with the email address or also via their social media to order and the sellers to be able to list the products that they need to sell, to begin with. 

Social Media Marketing: The sellers can have features to showcase some good offers, they can also send their best products via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Shopping Cart: The shopping cart for the customers to let them save a product that they would like to purchase later.

Smart Search: A smart search that shows the keywords for the product they need with ease when given inputs.

History: The history of the order for both the customer and seller is a necessary tool. For the customer, to have a history of the order they bought and for the seller, to have a history of the items they have sold. 

Product suggestion: This to show the recently viewed products or similar products to the customer. 

Push Notifications: The sellers can have a boost in their sales, by adding a feature to remind the customer of their long-forgotten orders. 

Rating or review: The feature of rating or reviewing for any products that can be made use of other users to purchase that particular product.


Though the competition is higher than expected, you could still have your way in the eCommerce industry by bringing up more advanced features for customers. And with some website like Etsy, it is easier to grow your business in the eCommerce market. Appdupe provides you with a smart solution that can be used to start or to expand the eCommerce business. Because we hope that you would become one of the successful entrepreneurs in a smarter way.