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Smart Desk was established in Bangalore in 2004. We provide total office furniture solutions.

Smart Desk was established in Bangalore in 2004. We provide total office furniture solutions. We service customers spread across software, manufacturing, government, education and service sectors. We provide aesthetically designed customized and cost effective solutions in modular office furniture; ranging from desks, chairs, storages, meeting tables. We also undertake reconfiguration and maintenance of modular workstations and chair servicing. We believe in focus. Our core competence, developed over time, is in office furniture solution. Our strength is that we are the only project sales office furniture service provider in Bangalore that can provide one stop solutions including supply of different furniture brands as per the site requirement. Dealing with customers and architect / interior designer consultants with highest integrity is the only value that drives us in doing office furniture business. We have a dedicated and professional team for project management, sales and design. Our sales office is located at the centre of the city. We have served more than 2000 satisfied customers offering them the best office furniture solution. Our customer list includes Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Strides Arcolab Ltd, St Mira High School, ISRO, Protocol Automation etc. We have executed projects of value up to 1 crore rupees. We represent reputed brands of office furniture system. BP Ergo is India‘s leading manufacturer of modular furniture with factory located at Nagpur. Balaji Panel crafts is one of the quality manufacturer of office furniture with factory located in Bangalore.


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Ergonomics is the study to increase the user efficiency at work with respect to comfort parameter.


It is essential to maintain good posture throughout the day for the health of the spine and to increase productivity of the work.

  • Position of the monitor and the accessories is the key to reduce strain.
  • Set straight in front of the monitor, keep keyboard and mouse center to it, you should be able to see the display with seeing down or either side.
  • Place the monitor in such way that, top of your monitor should be 0-20deg below horizontal line of sight.
  • Maintain the comfortable viewing distance (in range of 40-74cm), font size can be adjustable according to the viewer.
  • Keep the mouse next to keyboard and use it without twisting your hand by adjusting the motion / sensitivity of the mouse.
  • Refreshing the monitor is not enough, even you need a break to refresh your body and brain, especially from computer work, long stretches of work, when uninterrupted, can strain the body, eyes & soul. So take regular time break (a couple of minutes for every half hour or so).
  • Feet flat on the floor or on a foot rest.
  • Use ergonomic chair for seating.


Human beings have to be on move. Over straining of back muscles is the usual problem when we continue to sit for long hours at work. A good ergonomic chair gives good support to the body by adapting to individual shapes. While sitting top of the monitor has to be level with your eyes. It is ideal that feet should be flat on the floor. A good chair has the mechanism of supporting, holding and moving well designed.

A good chair should help you to get the 'S' curve which is the natural shape of the spine. A bad chair or wrong position will give you 'C' curve which is not a good seating position bad designed chair leads to excess pressure on spine thereby causing back pain over a period of time.


Usage of it in the work desk has lot of benefits. User can adjust the monitor height based on the sitting comfort and posture. Worktables can be designed with less dimensions. Swiveling of arms means many users can view the same monitor