SlashNext unveils Email Detection & Response for Google Workspace
SlashNext unveils Email Detection & Response for Google Workspace
Now organizations can leverage SlashNext’s award-winning AI threat detection to securely detect and remove targeted spear phishing

Now organizations can leverage SlashNext’s award-winning AI threat detection to securely detect and remove targeted spear phishing and other human threats that easily evade Google Workspace security defenses.

SlashNext, the leader in SaaS-based multi-channel spear-phishing and human hacking defense, today announced the SlashNext Email Detection and Response for Google Workspace. In a recent report, Current email defenses, including Google Workspace security, miss up to 65% of targeted spear phishing, social engineering, business email compromise (BEC) and other malicious user attacks launched from legitimate, trusted sites. Now with SlashNext’s email detection and response for Google Workspace, organizations can detect these targeted attacks with pinpoint accuracy and remove them from individual infected user inboxes with one-click remediation.

“Phishing is responsible for 95% of all breaches including the latest high-profile ransomware exploits. Current anti-phishing defenses, such as secure email gateways, proxy/SASE and endpoints miss these targeted threats at an alarming rate,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. “Our new AI-based email detection and response service, purpose built for Google Workspace, successful detects spear phishing and other malicious user attacks within minutes and remove the number one cybersecurity danger for organizations with one click.”

Powerful, simple, secure, fast ROI:

  • Powerful – Unparalleled, 99.99% zero-hour spear phishing, social engineering, rogueware, scam, bank fraud and data exploit detection using patented SlashNext SEERTM AI finds and deletes attacks missed by relationship graphs, URL rewriting and sandboxing email security technologies. Industry-best one in 1 million false positive rate provides confidence in remediation.
  • Simple – SaaS-based, five minutes to instant detection of spear phishing and other threats missed by current defenses by securely authenticating to Gmail API. Respond immediately by user, group or company-wide to any threat identified.
  • Secure –Trusted and approved partner of Google, the service utilizes the strongest authentication and never stores data on disk to ensure zero loss of PII. Only customers have keys and authentication information.
  • Fast ROI – Dramatically reduce the time it takes security teams, on average of three to five minutes per incident, to remove the threats missed by a Google Workspace with instant identification and deletion of all phishing emails. Payback period is in weeks.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing starts at $2,500 annually and includes up to 200 user email boxes are secured. Each additional user email box starts at $12.50 per annual subscription. The service is immediately available for purchase through SlashNext,

Take the /Next Phish Challenge to See How SlashNext Finds Threats Missed by Your SEG, proxy, and endpoints
SlashNext is confident that your current security tools are missing up to 65% of the most dangerous threats and will prove it to you. Take the complimentary challenge by running the Google Workspace vulnerability assessment, start a free trial of the SlashNext 360 defense-as-a-service, or simply put a suspicious URL in the /Next URL scanner to see what your secure email gateways, proxy, or endpoint service are missing. TAKE THE CHALLENGE NOW

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