Should I Steam Clean My Carpets?
Should I Steam Clean My Carpets?

There are several different options that you are able to choose when it comes to cleaning your carpets. They can all have some of their own benefits and can leave the carpet clean, without all of the dirt and grime left behind. One of the best options that really seems to work on a variety of different carpet types includes steam cleaning.


The technical name that comes with this method is hot water extraction. This method is so safe and effective that it is the one that most carpet manufacturers are going to recommend on your carpets. In fact, one of the biggest manufacturers for carpets state that the other cleaning methods, no matter how effective they are, could harm the carpet and void your warranty.


For this method to work, the carpet is going to be pre-treated using a cleaning solution that will break down some of the soil deposits. When that is done, the soil and the solution will be rinsed away from the carpet. This happens with a rinse of pressurized and hot water. At the same time, a powerful wet vacuum is being used to remove some of the steam and soil, along with some of the cleaning solution. All of the dirty water will be put back into a waste tank.


When a professional does this, the will use a truck mounted unit because this can provide more strength and a higher temperature for the water to get the most out of cleaning. There are also some portable cleaning units that have the same idea. This method is effective because the steam will offer a strong rinsing that will remove all of the soils that are stuck in the carpet and the high temperatures will help to disinfect and sanitize the carpet fibers. If it is done well, then there are few negatives of this method.


It is also possible for homeowners to do this on their own as well. If you purchase a carpet cleaner at the store, this is the method that it is going to use to help clean the carpet. It is simple and easy to use, giving you the best results of a clean house and carpet.


Having professional carpet cleaners in Auckland come and steam clean your carpets can be one of the best ways to take care of it and ensure that the carpets are going to look as good as new. Ask them about the different methods that they use and discuss whether steam cleaning is the right method for you.