SHELON New NFT Release on Their Own BNB Based Market Place Targeted To Women In Crypto
SHELON New NFT Release on Their Own BNB Based Market Place Targeted To Women In Crypto
With 3 rounds of NFT sold out in record time, the next round of NFT's are set to get even bigger.

MELBOURNE, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 - The hottest Metaverse Token in town - $SHELON is back with a bang. After the rollicking release of the NFT's on LakeViewMetas first birthday, $SHELON is all set to launch the next set of NFT's that is going to be even bigger than the previous ones. According to a memecoins blog, the tentative timeline for the release of this set of NFT Tokens is the last week of September and will be titled as WomenInNFTs. It is A SHELON NFTs initiative that will not just acknowledge but also celebrate the fact that contrary to popular belief, women are heavily a part of this industry and are in major positions as industry honchos.

Since its release this past year, $SHELON and $LVM have been on a roll. To keep the momentum going, they are ready to release the next set of NFTs for their loyal investors celebrating the achievements of women in the world of crypto with "WomenInCrypto" as the theme. There are at the very least more than a dozen of employment positions in top levels in even a small crypto company and women can be seen occupying them in virtually every company. Always the leader, Shelon partnered with LakeViewMeta will release the upcoming tokens in honor of such women who are Creators, CTOs, Marketing and Sales Heads and many more.

"We are excited about the upcoming project that will take $SHELON and $LVM to greater heights. These are highly coveted pieces of art and will include an airdrop of tokens that with time is likely to exceed the value of the NFT many times over! The $SHELON token holders used to get their passive income through $DOGE in the initial days. But today, they can have their reflections in the Metaverse $LVM token destined to be much, much more profitable for the investors. There are many exciting projects in the coming days that the investors will see. And till then, let's celebrate #WomenInCrypto with the new NFT launch coming soon!", said an excited founder of Shelon.


Shelon is an LVM Reflection Metaverse Token and NFT marketplace. It is currently the number one Memecoin Metaverse leaving behind almost every other Memecoins, including the popular ones.