Set a new trend with your customised IDO launchpad on multi-chain
Set a new trend with your customised IDO launchpad on multi-chain
A launchpad is where the future crypto projects gather the needed funds by selling the tokens, called crowdfunding, which is interoperable with multiple blockchain networks.

Cryptocurrency is no longer just about Bitcoin; blockchain technology has extended its development further with the development of Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, etc. To put it in simple terms, the multi-chain platform supports several blockchain technologies, making them interactive and interoperable. Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) is a launchpad that collects the necessary funds for future crypto projects. IDO launchpad on multi-chain is decentralised that holds the responsibility to authenticate the IDO projects’ integrity to the investors. 

Feature-rich IDO launchpad on multi-chain

  • Mandatory Whitelisting Process 

  • Multiple Crypto Wallet support 

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible 

  • Sturdy Security Protocols

  • Decentralised.


Pros of utilising Multi-chain IDO launchpad

  • The superior efficiency of  multiple blockchains under one roof

  • Hi-tech smart tools are integrated with the platform

  • Great mileage for users, thanks to different blockchain technology

  • Immediate tradability of the tokens and other cryptos

  • Increases the liquidity of the forum. 


Benefits of adhering to the IDO launchpad on Multi-chain 

  • Integration 

  • Scalability

  • Expanded access to different markets

  • Token Listing 

  • Swift transactions

  • Instant liquidity


Some of the white-label customizable IDO launchpads possible with multi-chain blockchain technology are Trustpad Clone, DAO Maker Clone, and Polkastarter Clone.


Perks of White-label’s IDO launchpad

  • Gathering and conceptualising the ideas for the IDO launchpad development. 

  • Drafting the whitepaper, a cohesive guide that encompasses all the requirements of the launchpad. This gives the user to understand the fundraising platform with much clarity. 

  • Developing the native tokens as a service sufficing for the objective planned out for the launchpad. This native token development enables the users to entrust their investments in the IDO projects. 



IDO launchpad on multi-chain in the crypto sphere with the master developers who have a keen interest in blockchain technology and the cryptos, in general, is an added advantage to a crisp launchpad development. The intense, effective use-scenarios possible with the IDO launchpad, utilising the advantages of different blockchains, create a craze among crypto enthusiasts to ally with white-label solutions to customise their own multi-chain IDO launchpad.