Say Hello to the Next Generational Ai Earbuds That’s the most cost effective translation equipment for churches — Timekettle
Say Hello to the Next Generational Ai Earbuds That’s the most cost effective translation equipment for churches — Timekettle
Listen to powerful preaching of God's Word, now in your own language with the AI church translation equipment earbuds.

GUANGDONG, SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 - Earbuds have come a long way since they were introduced to the world way back in 1891 by Ernest Mercadier. It has gone through dozens of modifications as technology kept changing along the way. And now in the hands of artificial intelligence or AI, it is once again going to change how people use headphones or earbuds henceforth. Equipped with the terrific power to translate over 40 languages, this earbud is the new radical technological transformation of this decade, and this has been brought to you by Timekettle.

This is the one device that has been launched specifically for the increasing multilingual churches. As more and more people of different languages throng the churches to listen to the Word of God being preached from the pulpit, this AI Earbud is going to be the best wireless translation system equipment for churches. Which means singularly ethnic churches will make way for all of God's children of all languages under a single roof listening to the preacher being translated in their own language!

Following are the features of Timekettle AI Earbud:-

      Bi-directional Simultaneous Translation

      95% Accuracy in 40 Languages and 93 Accents

      Smart Noise Reduction and 12-hour Battery

      0.5-3 Seconds Fast Translation Speed

      Offline Translation for 8 Languages

"We are over the moon with the responses we have been getting in such a short time. Dozens of countries and hundreds of people from global multiethnic churches so far have ordered Timekettle AI Earbuds to be able to listen to powerful preaching of God's Word in their own languages. Given the fact that English can be fairly challenging for many immigrants and non-native speakers, this powerful church wireless translation system equipment has proven to be of immense help to their desires. We are glad to have been of help to such a lovely group of people, and we will continue to be of even greater service in the future", said the founder of Timekettle.


Timekettle is an AI Earbud manufacturing company that sells earbuds based on artificial intelligence technology translating any language to over 40 languages with 95% accuracy.


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