Say Hello to BGW Home Team — Who Are Helping Families Build Generational Wealth
Say Hello to BGW Home Team — Who Are Helping Families Build Generational Wealth
This husband and wife team are bridging the generational wealth gap at a steady pace.

ORLANDO, FL, SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 - BGW Home Team real estate agency has risen as a top level realtor in Florida. It is operated by a team of husband and wife, both of whom are realtors and have found plenty of people find their dream homes and also build generational wealth through homeownership. . The power couple started their business back in November 2020 precisely for the purpose of bridging the gap for the people in the lower to middle level of financial stability. Their assistance has thus far made dozens of people proud homeowners in the state of Florida with plenty more in queue. 

Known as Terrance and Demeeka Cobb, the founders of BGW Home Team have got themselves a huge social media following. With over 700,000 followers and over 200 million views of their videos across Instagram and Tik Tok, they are one of the most popular realtors in the country, and virtually the most helpful for the up close and personal assistance they provide to people using their wisdom through their videos.

From homeownership to investment opportunities, many families in this country have been unfairly excluded from achieving the American Dream. BGW Home Team is on a mission to rectify that step by step. They help people understand the steps to be taken to buy a home, the credit scores they should have, the down payment they need to make based on the value of the house, and other beneficial information not usually known to people.

“We took it upon ourselves to help our community reach greater heights. People need to know the ins and outs of real estate to make informed decisions and that is exactly what we provide. BGW Home Team is big on industry transparency, and it is our honor to make homebuying a truly rewarding experience for you. Follow us at @marriedrealtors_florida on Instagram and TikTok and connect with us for your dream home! 


BGW Home Team is a real estate agency based in Florida. Run by a realtor couple, it helps people, primarily disenfranchised people, to buy their dream home.


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