Reasons for the popularity of an app like Hulu
Reasons for the popularity of an app like Hulu
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The Hulu app has redefined the ways to watch favorite movies and series. People can watch their favorite content from anywhere in the world without any interruption. One of the distinctive perks of Hulu is that it allows users to freeze their account upto 12 weeks while they are on vacation. In 2019, Hulu earnings were estimated at $1.6 billion, despite not being the popular service at that time. Before going on with the Hulu app development, developers must know the factors that attract users to an app like Hulu.

Factors luring more users to Hulu like app

Accessibility: Hulu is available at various modes like smartphones, PC, etc. Users can download it from both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. There is efficient cloud storage that provides synchronization of data across platforms. People can resume watching the same video from any personal device.

Original Content: These apps not only offer content of third-party distributors and TV channels but also provides original content. These shows & movies are only available in streaming apps like Hulu. 

No Ads: With no advertisements, people can stream and watch content without any interruptions. People might wonder by which way these apps make money without Ads. These apps earn through feature listing, wherein shows and movies are listed at the top of each segment. 

Recommendations: Video streaming app lists personalized content based on previously watched shows & series and also based on search history.

Hulu clone app development provides a continuous mode of income for the app owners through the various revenue streams. Appdupe offers a white-labeled Hulu like app with all the salient features. Make use of this golden opportunity by purchasing the clone app solution.