Potboiler – An initiative to engage people into stories and literature
Potboiler – An initiative to engage people into stories and literature
People are very indulged in their phones nowadays and they prefer to find entertainment in their own space.

Stories and literature is an undivided part of the history of mankind. Reading stories and novels is a great source of knowledge and makes you aware of the side of someone else's story. However, with time, the habit of reading stories and literature verses seems to be lost. People who are interested in reading books and novels are very less and people nowadays prefer reading books on an online platform as they feel it’s more handy, comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your favorite books anytime, anywhere.

About Potboiler

People are very indulged in their phones nowadays and they prefer to find entertainment in their own space. Anything online is better for people as they have access to materials anytime and anywhere. It’s quite convenient. Dr. S. Pavithra Priyadarshoni, the creator of the app, Potboiler noticed this change of preferences and realized that taking things online will make people interested and engaged with any content. So she thought of creating an app that has stories, novels, and books related to literature that can be accessed easily regardless of the time and place you are currently in.

You will be able to read interesting content anytime and the best part is, you can also share your stories and written works on the platform. Potboiler is a very helpful app for kids as they can spend their time reading stories rather than wasting time on cartoons and the best part is the app has a corner for kids where they can post their stories. This will boost the creativity level of kids and make them more fluent in writing and reading, hence developing a perfect base in vocabulary and pronunciation.

Stories are an easy way to make a child understand certain things that they may find difficult if said otherwise. They are open to learning legends and stories based on morality prospects and are exposed to a world that is more interesting and beautiful. Learning about moral things and culture helps with character build-up within a child.

Dr. S. Pavithra Priyadarshoni created the app with a certain motive to encourage people to read and explore the world of stories and books at their convenience. She wants to encourage people to indulge in writing and help them connect with their audience. Also, the best stories are selected to be published as they have collaborated with Pachyderm Tales, who are helping with publishing the books. Three most recently published books are titled Love Forever, Yours Lovingly Love, and Last Night. They have collaborated with the edutech company, Learn with Comics. The company converts stories and books into the comic version  to let people admire the stories with appealing images and illustrations.

The app has got many positive responses and feedback and the user experience is very smooth and admirable. The page setting of the app gives the vibe of a real book and hence, adds up to the excellent user reviews.


Dr. S. Pavithra Priyadarshoni – The person behind this thoughtful creation.

Dr. S. Pavithra Priyadarshoni is a dentist by profession. She was born in Tamil Nadu and spent her childhood in Chennai. She followed in her father’s footsteps to pursue her career as a dentist. She later married an Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. G. Sudhir and they both have a child now.

Dr. Pavithra was on a long maternity break when she was pregnant with her first child. She took 2 years to return to her profession and during these years, she explored the vast social media presence and how people are getting so contented with their phones. She used to post stories on her social media and realized the number of positive responses she was getting. Hence, she thought of creating a platform that is open for people to read and learn stories and books. It was during this time, that she moved on with her idea of Potboiler, the app for readers and writers.

Indeed, the thought is very appreciative and excellent.

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