Plant-Based Meat Market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2021-2027
Plant-Based Meat Market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2021-2027
Plant-Based Meat Market size is projected to reach USD 35 Billion by 2027 from an estimated USD 13.6 Billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 14.4% globally.

Plant-Based Meat products are made from plants that mimic the taste, texture, smell, and appearance of meat in every possible way. For instance, plant-based beef is manufactured from soy protein and it tastes just like beef. Genetically produced yeast gives soy proteins a taste and texture simulating that of beef. Moreover, Faux meats are said to be rich in calcium and protein and have a lower fat compared to animal proteins. This is significant for people who suffer from high cholesterol or heart disease, as they can face the same taste and texture in a healthier option. However, consuming animal meat frequently may give increase diseases such as type-2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Plant-based ingredients are a source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which all have health benefits. Furthermore, reveal that plant-based diets can be useful for diabetes, weight management, and the microbiome. It also suggests that they may support different health problems, such as cholesterol, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, and contain lower levels of saturated fat, and calories as compared to traditional meat.

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The Global Plant-Based Meat Market report offers associate calculable market growth of the business. A comprehensive analysis of the world market report includes market dynamics like market drivers, restraints, and possibilities before the business. additionally, the analysis report contains opportunities among the stationary fuel cell market at worldwide and national rates. the companies operate across the world regions identification also can be incorporated within the study report. tiny business ways and key developments adopted by world businesses also will be elucidated during this analysis report.

COVID-19 impact on Plant-Based Meat:

During the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the meat industry was impacted by warnings of meat scarcity owing to shuttered plants, resulting in price increases, and increasing numbers of sick workers conditions that would potentially create new opportunities for plant-based manufacturers. Traditional meat distribution channels were and remain upraised, like restaurants, schools, and other facilities closed. Decreasing output and growing prices left consumers with fewer options, and plant-based meat substitutes started to see a lift. The plant-based meat industry saw sales growth of 264% in the 9 weeks ended May 2, 2020. While these numbers are still a small portion of meat sales, their growth highlights the opportunity that meat substitutes reached amidst the crisis. Even dairy substitutes saw a growth in the first week of March 2020, oat milk sales were increase around 347% year-over-year against a backdrop of decreasing dairy demand.

Top Key Players Mentioned:

Alpha Foods (US),Beyond Meat (US),Impossible Foods Inc. (US),Hooray Foods (US),Maple Leaf Foods (Canada),The Vegetarian Butcher (Netherlands),Before the Butcher (US),Gardein Protein International (Canada),Yves Veggie Cuisine (Canada),Morningstar Farms (US),Quorn Foods (US),Amy's Kitchen (US),No Evil Foods (US),Tofurky (US),Gold&Green Foods Ltd. (Finland),VBites Food Limited (UK),Sunfed (New Zealand),Planterra Foods (US),Like Meat (Germany),The Meatless Farm Co. (England),Others

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This report provides a thorough overview of the competitive landscape of global Plant-Based Meat Market and a detailed business profile of notable players in the market. Using industry standard tools like Porter's five force analysis and SWOT analysis, analysts in the report measure threats and weaknesses in key companies. The market report covers all key parameters such as product innovation, market strategy for leading companies, market share, revenue generation, the latest research and development and market expert perspectives.

Following regions are highlighted in this Plant-Based Meat Market report:

·         North America

·         Asia Pacific

·         Europe

·         Middle East & Africa

·         Latin America


The Analysts have distributed the Plant-Based Meat Market across different geographies such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and India for detailed market study. The financial aspects of the business are also carefully studied, referring to several attributes such as price, profit margin and sales by region for the forecast period 2021-2027.

In market segmentation by Source, the Plant-Based Meat Market report covers:

Soy,Wheat Gluten (Seitan),Pea,Mycoprotein,Jackfruit,Beans,Others

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Ingredients commonly found in plant-based meats include legumes, such as soybeans or lentils, grains like quinoa, vegetable proteins like peas, coconut oil, and vital wheat gluten, better known as seitan.

In market segmentation by Type, the Plant-Based Meat Market report covers:


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The Global Plant-Based Meat Market Report was produced through extensive primary and secondary studies. The report also focuses on qualitative and quantitative assessments by analyzing data collected from industry analysts and market participants across key points in the industry's value chain, growth aspects, utilization and manufacturing capabilities.

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