Onlive Server Offers Speedy, Affordable, And Steadfast Server Hosting
Onlive Server Offers Speedy, Affordable, And Steadfast Server Hosting
Onlive Server is a great Hosting Provider from 2009. Get stable & fast Web Hosting plans like Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server plans. Order your server & get free technical support instantly.

Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Private Server Hosting Provider

Onlive Server is the top Server Hosting Provider. All of the client who takes the services of Onlive Server is going to be astonished.

  • Uptime
  • Server Performance
  • Excellence Our Support 

An Introduction -

The Company offers to all those who’re on a strict budget is done without compromising quality. The Company is known for offering the most economical self-managed having the finest value in the marketplace today. All of the clients can rely on us as the go-to budget Server Hosting Company.

Hosting can be described as a grand way of the website on a petite scale while offering the capability of scaling up extremely quickly. Get the Virtual Private Server hosting company that is believed to be the model bridge amid shared hosting & dedicated servers also. The Company has several Hosting plans that can be entirely customized for matching the definite hosting requirements and upgraded whenever the website grows.

 A Fast Look at Some Key Features of Our Hosting

  • Multiple Operating System Available – CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Scientific Linux, Opens USE, and Fedora are supported.
  • Entire Root Access - Get users can enjoy total control of them with entire root access. They can get connected easily by SSH.
  • Entire SSD Storage - Get mega-fast SSD storage assured the users that their I/O exhaustive applications/ websites are going to run efficiently.
  • Inclusive Control Panel - Users are free to manage the power functions of there and have a look at statistic charts right in their client area.
  • Speedy Network - Users are going to enjoy the astonishing 10Gbit network with no fear of bottlenecks any longer.

 A Unique Server Hosting Company -

The user has great choices as far as a Server Hosting provider is concerned. The Company, Onlive Server, is aware of this and thus goes the extra mile in serving our clients, thus letting our clients concentrate on running their business. There’s no doubt that the Company has wide-ranging experience and high tech infrastructure in Virtual Private Server plans. However, it’s the startup customs and rapport between our members of staff and clients that makes us different.

The finest Support - Get personnel are exclusively qualified and love this industry. The Company as Server Hosting Provider is good and offers 24/7/365 response to pressing issues. The Company offers multiple Virtual Private Server hosting plans for all businesses at an exclusive pocket-friendly budget. This is the reason for which the Company as a Server Hosting Provider Company offers an assorted range of potent hosting solutions that include regular Virtual Private Servers, and Managed VMware Cloud solutions. Notwithstanding the requirements, there’s a solution for the client.

Guaranteed 99.999% Uptime - Network Availability of 99.999% isn’t a desire with us, it’s a guarantee! Get environment does not have any solitary points of failure and thus delivers the performance & uptime that our clients expect.

The capacity to Scale - You desire to be the business grow while not outgrowing the hosting provider. When the client hires us the client can stay relaxed. The Company offers scalable Virtual Private Server solutions, thus letting the client effortlessly upgrade the solution for meeting demand.

Tools for Server Management - Get belief is to empower clients with the apt management tools. Every one of our solutions consists of mechanization & control panels to facilitate remote access and supervision. 


The steady performance of Onlive Server has certainly been instrumental in the success of several enterprise solutions. With the numbers deployed from the time of inception of Onlive Server being so many, the client can depend on us as the finest Based Server Hosting Provider Company.