Onlive Server Announces Dramatic Overhaul South Africa Dedicated Server Plans
Our company takes the focus of monitoring and managing the servers of different businesses so that they can have their focus on other important activities.

Dedicated Server Hosting services that come from South Africa Server, have the potential of seamlessly meeting the instant demand for resources. Best security, stable performance, and high speed are some of the best qualities of South Africa Dedicated Server and VPS hosting plans available at this company. South Africa Server Hosting is a Best Server hosting company that is well aware of the significance of data security, consistent performance,and user experience. All the Dedicated Server Hosting plans that come from this company are specifically designed to excel in the different important aspects that work in the market.

Onlive Server a leading hosting solution should never be a fast decision. When choosing server hosting, another important factor to consider, it would be scalable or reliable. The client has to see and analyze how the server is scalable for the applications or websites.To run multiple websites on single servers that mean, the user needs a synchronized server across all the servers. The user can shift the database to other servers. So, the company offers higher speed RAM and CPU and bandwidth facilities. With the South Africa VPS Hosting Server, get the all satisfaction configuration.

Most User-Friendly and Convenient Operating Systems Available Only On Onlive Server

Windows Based South Africa Dedicated Server Hosting appears in the form of a robust hosting solution available for websites with huge traffic volume, the popularity of this type of hosting lies in the fact that it one of the most user-friendly and convenient operating systems. This kind of hosting enables the users to have better control over their servers using high-end technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, storage and dedicated bandwidth. One of the greatest benefits of Windows-based South Africa dedicated server is that it comes at just $179/per month with amazing specification as well as also get the FrontPage that helps the users in leveraging almost anything and also supports other platforms at the same time.

Virtual Private Server Works in the Form of a Hybrid Solution

Originally, Windows South Africa Virtual Private Server works in the form of a hybrid of fully dedicated and shared servers providing the majority of the basic features of a VPS Hosting Server. That provides enough bandwidth, storage, and RAM for streamlining the business. In a VPS environment, the physical server remains segregated to several virtual servers with each of them working in the form of a VPS Hosting Server for the site thatis put on them. South Africa VPS Hosting plan available at just $29/per month and also gets the 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1 TB Bandwidth and the plan based on KVM technology.

The Customer Will Get Better Control on Their Server

One of the most obvious reasons behind choosing the Onlive Server for South Africa based Hosting plans for the business. Because customer wants better control on your server. Even if you have outgrown in your business processes, the client must move your entire business to a reliable Windows VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server provides you the flexibility of installing and configuring any software if your business requires it or based on your choice.This is a hosting environment where you can easily access your server while also getting the flexibility of configuring a Secured Socket Layer or SSL certificate for getting enhanced security. One of the major benefits is that our company keeps its server clean.