On-demand grocery delivery application: Makes lives easier, healthier, happier
On-demand grocery delivery application: Makes lives easier, healthier, happier
With AppDupe’s completely customizable Grofers clone script. Change the way Grocery is delivered.

People often go to the Grocery store to buy necessities. Some are not fond of the long queues they have and the manual selection process of the items. The online grocery app is the remedy for all these problems. The application describes each product, and the items are available at a discounted price. All the user needs to do is create a profile, search for the food items, and purchase it. 

Features of Grofers clone application:

Try to include all the following during the Grofers app development:-

User’s application

Simple Login: Create a profile by providing just Email and password. The dashboard has features like booking history, favorites, and saved delivery locations.

Add to cart: The cart is like a virtual basket, where users place the items they prefer. After the selection, the customer can proceed to the transaction directly.

Multiple-Platform Access: Customers can choose any platform they prefer, such as PC, tablets, and smartphones.

Real-time tracking: The GPS services facilitate providing the current location for the user’s monitoring.

Schedule booking: Users can pre-book the items as per their needs. By these users plan their needs accordingly.

Delivery agent’s application:

Navigation: The In-built map is used for location tracking of the customers.

Manage earnings: The drivers can view and manage their earnings using this feature.

Store manager’s application:

Store Pickup: The customers can place the order in the grofers app and the pick up from the shop as per their convenience.

Manage Inventory: Stores owners can track the current stock to manage their inventory. It displays options full, almost empty, etc


The grofers clone application connects the customers with the store owners. They can get the required items quickly through this application.