NVQ Site Manager Course
NVQ Site Manager Course
Site manager courses in the built environment and construction industry help to recognise and acknowledge an individual’s ability to understand the knowledge and skills in the field of work.

Site manager courses in the built environment and construction industry help to recognise and acknowledge an individual’s ability to understand the knowledge and skills in the field of work. There are different levels of qualifications through which a site manager’s professional capabilities are distinguished. The construction industry involves the assembling and manufacturing of buildings and structures. If a firm or client develops and decides to progress in the building of a project, then they should ensure that the arrangements and environmental conditions for the project are favorable and realistic. Construction does not solely focus on the building of structures, but it also emphasises the importance of managing the project until the end. Without efficient management in the construction site, the order of the work will be disorganised and unprofessional. Construction Management is an essential part of a successful project. And so, site managers and other highly skilled professionals are in high demand in this field of work.

Site manager

What is a site manager? And what role do they play in a construction project? Site managers are also known as construction managers, and they are responsible for handling, managing, controlling and planning the activities in the construction site. They are responsible for ensuring that the project is progressing smoothly by keeping the working environment out of trouble. There should be a professional management team working onsite to make sure that all the work that goes into building a project is profitable. Construction firms and clients hire site managers to keep the order of work and complete the project on time.

Qualifications to become a site manager.

In the construction industry, the recognition of an employee's competence is through assessing the practical skills and academic knowledge necessary to work onsite. Both experience and theoretical knowledge should be familiar if an individual chooses to work in the construction industry. An individual can study through a Site Manager Course to obtain the qualifications necessary to become a site manager. There are different courses in which an individual can qualify and get a professional job. Professional awarding bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Building focus on providing accredited and recognised courses for the construction profession. A candidate progressing in site management career can choose to study through the CIOB Level4 Certificate or Diploma in Site Management or choose to qualify through an NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management.

·        CIOB Level 4 Qualification – This course will help a candidate to become a professional in the construction managerial profession. A candidate can explore the other opportunities such as being eligible to apply for a CSCS black card after obtaining the Level 4 Diploma in Site Management, and a chance to proceed further by studying for the membership qualification and become MCIOB and receive the designation title.

·        NVQ Level 6- The National Vocational Qualification is another option for candidates to become a site manager. The course focus on the vocational skills necessary to work in the industry and many construction professionals recommend and favor candidates who have an NVQ Level 6 or above qualification in the field. The NVQ Level 6qualification is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The NVQ level qualification in site management is an excellent opportunity for a candidate to proceed in the career path. The qualification also opens the opportunity to become a Chartered Member of the RICS and explore diverse opportunities in the industry.

Online courses 

Many students, graduates, and professionals who aim to become a site manager often search for online courses and distance learning schools to achieve the recognised qualifications from the CIOB. Studying through an online college helps the candidate to gain knowledge while working to obtain experience in the field. A candidate can find a CIOBaccredited online course through online colleges. The institute accredits its courses in a global range so that the people who wish to reach professional management levels with the institute can achieve their goals. The College of Contract Management (CCM UK) in the UK provides accredited CIOBqualifications for students all around the world. Candidates can choose to study the site manager course through a professional online provider such  as the CCM UK and obtain the certification necessary to become a site manager.