It's like telling people to "stand up and notice" the talented artists out there.

November, 2022 - Artist ownership at its finest. The prodigal album “Character” by the multi-award-winning recording artist ETCETERA has returned to its rightful owner and is now been re-released on all platforms 10.22.22 for a second time, under is own company.

Back in 2015 when this debut album first hit, the music industry was unpredictable, therefore it was essential for musicians to become chameleons when it comes to art and creativity. This is exactly why “Character” was created and made such a huge impact.

The songs on "Character" gave you the impression that you're speaking with an emotionally open man, which is hard to find these days, we know. The men today should pay particular attention to what he says and vibe to his music. Through his art, ETCETERA conveys his emotions in a delicate yet powerful way.

Although art can be a little subjective, a well-structured collection of work is unquestionable. This project involved more than 20 years of experience, flow alterations, image adjustments, name changes, and dues paid.

Coming from a student of the hip hop who began his musical career by solely listening to country western music and his parents' disco and jazz collection, this dynamic hip-hop skilled penman is astonishing. Shawn "ETCETERA" McClain has grown as a musician and performer through time and has learned to recognize his potential.

He is not your standard hip-hop musician; instead, he embraces the flattering and occasionally hilarious aspects of his persona. He intends to invite both his followers and new listeners to appreciate the music as much as he does.

In every action he takes, artist ETCETERA demonstrates how original, talented, charismatic, and emotional he is! All those components and more may be found in this album, "Character".

"Character" is a multi-selling award-winning debut album that continues to add to his illustrious list of accomplishments, coming from a Crown Heights basement studio and he was surrounded by a host of outstanding artists, including Busta Rhymes, MC Lyte, Cella Dwella’s, Gauge, Talib Kweli, etc. that forced him to hold his own amongst this list.

The eleven songs on this album were taken from his life's journal and released for the world to listen to.

One of the album’s songs is "E True Stories," which provides us with a behind-the-scenes peek at the relationship between a mother and son. It moves us to a point in life where having high self-esteem is crucial. The next song is "Fast Life," which provides us with a historical overview of how ETCETERA transitioned from underground hip-hop to mainstream music. From there, ETCETERA continues to create the song, showing his professional accomplishments and making it truly inspirational from beginning to end. This is especially true of the song "Get Up," which delves deeply into the source of his rap and hip-hop culture. It's like telling people to "stand up and notice" the talented artists out there.

We love a romantic man too! And ETCETERA is not afraid to show his emotions in a romantic approach. With the love and romance-themed songs "I Do," "I'M Leaving," and "Sin City," he does exactly this. He shares love lessons and details on how various situations shaped his character. Songs like "I Love This Chick” gives a vibe you haven’t found anywhere else: ETCETERA describes the difficulties men encounter and the results that follow when they pursue the "bad girls." Sounds like an interesting movie plot.

ETCETERA has made a dedication to every important aspect of his life. “City of Churches” is a track dedicated to the city that molded his talent, Brooklyn, where he grew up. We all know how our childhood shapes us and affects our lives in the future, and therefore this song feels so personal, yet anyone can find themselves in its lyrics.

Another delicate-themed song is also the one called "Yesterday". This song gives the audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the struggles he went through to get to where he is now. The lyrics are heartfelt, direct, and deeply sincere.

You want another banger? Hip-hop beats, harsh themes, and metaphors are mixed to create the roller coaster that is "What it Look Like."

However, the most heart-breaking song you’ll ever hear is probably “Wish 4”. This track details the emotional struggle he had to go through with his son, in a touching R&B song.

As you heard (and read) by now, each word tells a story and each song from “Character” feels like a narrative.

The album includes some fantastic storylines and issues that can capture any audience, along with the most cutting-edge sounds of real hip hop, R&B, and rhythmic pop. Etcetera exhibits exceptional flow ability on every track, matching up with Ja Rules' Platinum producer Francion Corbett, and 50 Cent and Jim Jones producer Young Seff surpasses all expectations.

The idea behind the name of the album is as poetic as it gets. Each song represents a “Character” the rapper plays in life; something we all as humans do. This way, you’ll find various parts of ETCETERA's life through his music.

We are overjoyed that Etcetera's Da Vinci code "Character" Album has been re-launched seven years later, thanks to United Masters, Translations, and Apple Music and it is now officially added to Etcetera’s extensive catalog!

ETCETERA’s music feels like nostalgia and dreaming of the future – at the same time. “Character” somehow hits like home: Safe, vulnerable, and authentic!

Click here to listen to millions favorite tracks and now soon will be yours!

You can find out more about ETCETERA at and @therealetcetera


- Kontesha Z – IDOL Music Group, Inc.