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Give your customers the experience of easy booking of services with an advanced UrbanClap clone app full of cutting-edge features. Build a strong customer base and have stable revenue with customizable UrbanClap clone script.

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Link service providers and service seekers with your powerful one-stop app.
We can help design and develop your all-service marketplace with ease. Interested?

With on-demand services on the rise, the market is lacking stellar service providers to meet the growing demand. But one cannot simply enter the market with a basic app. The tech world demands a stellar app that analyzes the users' needs and connects them to the nearest relevant service provider instantly. Apps developed via our UrbanClap Clone Script offers a powerful application coupled with cutting-edge features to help cater to the growing demand for one-stop service marketplace. Our UrbanClap Like App Development solutions ensures you receive your advanced application in a short time and well within your precious budget. Now that we have got your attention, let’s start building your billion dollar story today!

Our powerful application helps you save time by avoiding the traditional method of searching for service providers online and making calls to unverified strangers. All the service providers via the app will be verified as per client's discretion.

The app goes through numerous security trials to ensure the performance is unhindered with any unforeseen hacking. The contact details and ratings of service providers are verified and cannot be altered.

The app is designed to boost simplicity. Users can easily search for their service requirements and choose from the available options. The UI needs no prior instruction and users browse with seamless ease

Service providers and service seekers can communicate directly with each other via the app. This eliminates the need to share contact information and keep track of the conversation.

Users can pay online via debit or credit card, integrated digital payment apps or others with ease. This reduces the burden to keep ready cash and helps keep a record of payments.

The app is designed to become viable money making machine without compromising on user experience and services. Clients can add numerous revenue streams in the application as per their discretion.

Easily integrate ads in the app without disturbing the User interface. The app is designed to accommodate numerous ad spaces with ease

Post user payment for services rendered, the admin can receive the appropriate commissions as per the agreement with service providers.

Service providers can pay additional to be listed ahead of the rest or become featured on the top search as per client's discretion or agreement.

Our UrbanClap Clone Script can be integrated with numerous globally popular payment gateways with ease. Users can pay via debit/credit card, online digital payment apps or others as per your discretion.

Users can pay for the services they avail with their local currencies. This boosts user convenience and targets a global audience.

App developed via the UrbanClap Clone allows users to login the app with their social media like Facebook, Google+ etc with ease.

Service seekers can search for their requirements by using keywords. The app will showcase information including location, price, rating etc. to help save time.

Cater to a global audience by integrating numerous languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and others with ease.

Service seekers and service providers can chat directly via this feature. This eliminated the need to share personal numbers and keeps a record of the conversation.

Yes, our cutting-edge UrbanClap Clone Script is 100% customizable and can integrate all your requirements with ease.

You will own the entire source code of your application. The app will be hosted on your company website as per the agreement.

Based on your requirements, there will be no limit to the number of service providers joining your app. But if you like, you can limit the numbers as per your discretion.

Yes, our team will be delighted to assist you with all your app enhancement requirements post-launch.

No, the app is designed to allow an infinite number of users to join and avail services.

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