Meet The New Headphones All Set To Function As Headset Translator — New Launch Of Timekettle
Meet The New Headphones All Set To Function As Headset Translator — New Launch Of Timekettle
This new translator has the capacity to translate over 40 languages with 95% accuracy.

NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 - Headphones, or headsets, have been one of the most quintessential inventions of the past century. It has seen numerous modifications over the course of its lifetime of more than a century and a quarter, especially when it became an integral part of computers followed by cellphones and smartphones. As an accessory, it has been nothing short of revolutionary, and continues to be. And this time, these headsets have taken a new face in tandem with artificial intelligence or AI. All thanks to Timekettle, we don't just have headsets, but we have language translator headsets that are set to bring another revolution.

Say Hello to Timekettle WT2 Edge Real-time Headset Translator Earbuds. The most elegant and magnificent piece of technology functioning as an AI headset translator with smart noise reduction and bi-directional recognition. It is the number one Real-Time Two-Way Translation Earpiece with the capacity to translate 40 languages at a stupendous rate of over 95%! It is a great equipment for multilingual people in a multilingual setting like meetings with foreign guests and dignitaries, business owners from abroad, worship places with multilingual people, and many other settings. A long battery life also ensures that people can use it in multiple meets and services in a single day at a stretch without any trouble.

"We are glad our product has been so well received by everyone around the world. The awesome features of our translation headsets are second to none and people's response has show us enough. Here are some of the features:-

1.    Bi-directional Simultaneous Translation

2.    95% Accuracy in 40 Languages and 93 Accents

3.    Smart Noise Reduction and 12-hour Battery

4.    0.5-3 Seconds Fast Translation Speed

5.    Offline Translation for 8 Languages

We promise you, this is the best equipment you can get for your meetings, services, remote group chats and much more. Try it today!" said the Design Head at Timekettle.


Timekettle is a tech firm based in China that is committed to building a global brand of AI translator by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware technology.


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