Martech Interview with Chief Technology Officer, Searchspring – Will Warren
Martech Interview with Chief Technology Officer, Searchspring – Will Warren
Will from Searchspring talks about the growing use of data in the eCommerce industry & how data personalization becomes the key factor for customer acquisition

1. Tell us about your role in Searchspring?
I was hired into Searchspring as the CTO in September 2019 after Searchspring had acquired a second ecommerce company, Nextopia. I was brought on to help understand the state of each platform, what the future should be for each of the products and how the engineering teams should be structured to help get to that future state.

2. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?
I worked as a Sales Engineer for Endeca when they made a beachhead into the Canadian market – Endeca at the time powered the search and nav of 50% of the IR 100. After that, I co-founded GroupBy Inc who was subsequently asked by Google to build a replacement ecommerce platform for the deprecated Google Site Search.

3. How do you think technology is upgrading the marketing Sector?
The ubiquity of cloud computing reduced the barrier to entry into ecommerce to almost zero. As technology matures, for example, search, the feature sets that were only achieved by the IR 100 are now commonplace for entry level stores. We will see this trend continue with the democratization of machine learning.

4. How has a data-driven approach empowered ecommerce sellers?

Reporting is key – measuring everything a shopper does and then having the ability to act on that data with tools that are simple to use

is a requirement to growing your shopping base, and invading new market segments.

5. Can you explain how your Ecommerce Site Search helps in increasing shopper conversion?
A seamless ecommerce search experience helps shoppers find the products they’re looking for, quickly. Searchspring’s search solution enables retailers to return accurate search results, with full control over product order and display. Site merchandisers can dynamically boost the results that are most likely to convert, while demoting irrelevant or out-of-stock items. And, with features like redirects, autocomplete, and autocorrect, shoppers never have to land on “no results found”. By getting the right product in front of the right shopper at the right time, retailers can eliminate friction in the path to purchase and ultimately drive increased conversions.

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