JetSet Token Listed On Yet another Exchange, Growing To Over 10,000% since Launch
JetSet Token Listed On Yet another Exchange, Growing To Over 10,000% since Launch
Six-month-old Jetset Token (JTS) separates itself with massive growth growing during a volatile cryptocurrency market.

LOS ANGELES, California, May, 2022 – Jetset Token (JTS) is going “wheels up” this week as it’s seemingly taking off faster than an actual jet. In the past week the lifestyle token was listed on three additional exchanges-, P2PB2B most recently and Coinstore, which went live today.


The token, which differentiates itself from others in that owning a piece of it allows you a digital “passport” that allows investors to attend exclusive closed to public events, rent luxury real estate and connect with artists and charities on a personal level.


“No other token currently allows for this type of proximity to this social network of artists and entrepreneurial nomads like Jetset,” said Maverick Bailey, founder and CEO.


“We are living in an age where people want to enjoy their investments, via ROI or luxury real estate or tangible experiences like our in-person events. It’s an offering that intertwines that with this community of future-minded individuals, so not only are you investing in the coin, you're investing in relationships and networking that happens for our holders. It’s multi-dimensional.”


Since going live last November 28, 2021, JTS has seen significant growth in the wake of an otherwise choppy “opensea” marketplace. Bailey secured partnerships with SoCal Locations, Loews hotels, including their La Plage Wellness Spas- who recently signed Brooke Burke as a creative director- and has upcoming events with artists to be announced soon in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, incorporating the Malibu Autobahn and others with NFT proceeds going towards charity.


Jetset Token Growth Highlights:


         Grown over 10,000% since launch


         Building FIRST decentralized luxury rental platform


         Launched crypto education program


         Acquired an NFT Mansion in Lake Las Vegas NV


         Featured in LA Weekly


         Charity Wallets for non profits for every event

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Bailey sees more for the JTS than just purely profits-although there’s been plenty of profits to speak of as well with the token jumping as much as 38% intraday some days during the month of May- Bailey hopes to give significantly to the charity of choice, to be announced soon.


“The multi-faceted ways holders can utilize the token is exciting. I see it growing, like a decentralized AirBNB,” said Bailey. “It allows people to enjoy the benefits of being a holder, like staying at gorgeous real estate properties- now to include JTS’ owned mansion in Las Vegas, NV among multiple properties in Los Angeles- but also allows holders to enjoy events with the holder community while working to donate to charities worldwide.”




Jetset Token is the first lifestyle token intertwined with luxury real estate. Branching off to intertwine events and a community of investors, JTS is one the few tokens that can be enjoyed in the 4D world while profiting.


NFT platform:








Owner and CEO of SoCaLocations and Jetset Token, entrepreneur Mario “Maverick” Bailey, 35, is a LA-native ready to merge his expertise in real estate with that of blockchain. Born into the entertainment industry, he started as a child actor at the young age of 4 years old. Starring in multiple TV shows and commercials, he developed a great business sense which he has carried with him to this very day. Presently he is taking more behind the scenes role heading up SoCaLocations and growing JTS partnerships and investments.





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