Japanese Technology Shot Blasting And Sand Blasting Equipment Made Available!
Japanese Technology Shot Blasting And Sand Blasting Equipment Made Available!
Chinese Company Announces Readiness To Supply State-Of-The-Art Machines For Global Industries.

Shandong,China – 23th December 2019:- Iron and Steel Industries worldwide arein constant need of Heavy duty shot blast machinery. In order to procuresuitable machines and equipment, they first go in search of an indigenous shotblasting machine manufacturer. Often times their efforts do not fructify, sincethe manufacture of such machinery and equipment requires modern technology,available only in few countries. On that context, the announcement made todayby QGMA comes as a relief to many heavy Industries around the world.

Theannouncement of QGMA states that their Company is following Japanese Technology,in manufacturing all sorts of shot blasting machine, shot peening machine,steel plate shot blasting machine, and all round blasting solutions likesandblasting room, abrasive blast room and allied machinery for assortedusages.

Attheir website, QGMA Company has depicted the detailed pictures of all themachinery and equipment in their manufacturing range.  The prospective buyers seeing the visual oftheir sand blasting room for sale will instantly come to know of the size andmanufacturing capabilities of the equipment.

Similarlythere are pictures of Roller Conveyor Blasting Equipment, Steel Plate BlastingEquipment, Paver Blocks Blasting Machine, Sheet Metal and Profiles ShotBlasting Machine, LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine, Steel Pipe Outer andInner Shot Blasting Machine, and Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine etc.

Theannouncement indicates that their Company was established in 1975 and has 45years of experience in catering to the needs of Iron and Steel Industry, withhigh-tech machinery and equipment to the entire satisfaction of theircustomers. They proudly boast that in addition to the advanced JapaneseTechnology, they also use the technical skill of Italian Engineers in somecritical manufacturing processes. The Company lists out the reasons as to whyCustomers should choose QGMA for their requirement of sophisticated heavy dutymachinery and equipment, one by one.

Theannouncement invites interested Customers to visit for more details to get benefited.

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