Indicative ‘Journeys’ Tool to Help Teams Look Back
Indicative ‘Journeys’ Tool to Help Teams Look Back
Ending Events offers the most comprehensive look at customers’ product pathways

Ending Events offers the most comprehensive look at customers’ product pathways

Indicative, the product analytics platform for the data warehouse, announced today the release of Ending Events for its Journeys tool. Ending Events enables Journeys users to select any end point in a customer journey — be it a purchase, upgrade, subscription or other action — and visualize all paths that led there.

First released in April, Journeys helps product teams discover the paths that users most frequently take through software applications and websites. With the addition of Ending Events, Journeys now allows teams to look backwards to better understand the paths customers took as they moved toward a given event and to help predict what similar users will do in the future. Users can now toggle between looking at paths forward from an event or paths backward — reverse customer journeys.

“Journeys allowed our users to easily visualize every touchpoint customers make as they move forward,” said Jeremy Levy, CEO of Indicative. “We’re equally excited to see what product, marketing and data teams can do with Ending Events. Understanding the common and uncommon paths customers take toward an event — seeing where friction occurs, for example — is just as important as understanding the paths they take forward from an event.”

The only product analytics platform that connects directly to an organization’s cloud data warehouse (CDW), Indicative democratizes access to in-depth data analysis. Ending Events makes Journeys the most complete tool for product leaders and data teams to observe, catalog and take action on the paths customers take through an app or website. Indicative integrates seamlessly with CDWs like BigQuery, Redshift and Snowflake to pull detailed reports in just a few clicks.

“Visualizing the paths that users take towards a certain ending event is very informative when it comes to understanding how the customers use our products,” said Muhammad Daud, senior marketing analyst with WeTransfer, a global leader in file transfer. “With Journeys, we are able to easily create these visualizations, find actionable insights and remove any guesswork. This allows us to highlight ways in which we can improve the product experience for all our customers.”

Indicative users can drill into customers’ most popular paths to and from events to improve the product roadmap and determine the most valuable marketing channels. With Indicative’s unique Multipath Funnel, segmentation analysis and now Journeys, teams can conduct in-depth analysis without the need to run SQL queries, a must for nontechnical users who need the ability to hypothesize, test and iterate quickly.

Food-tech startup Liv Up uses the Indicative platform to make real-time data accessible to nontechnical team members who need to make informed decisions.

“We’ve long recognized the importance of understanding our customers’ journeys. Now we can not only see how they proceed from any event, we also can pick an event and see all the customer paths leading up to it,” said Bruno Vendruscolo, lead data analyst for Liv Up. “Looking at journeys in reverse like this gives our product teams greater insights into what’s working and, perhaps more importantly, what isn’t.”

Journeys, including Ending Events analysis, is available now for all Indicative customers at the Professional and Enterprise levels. For more information about Indicative, visit

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