ICO Development - The Steps involved In Launching An ICO
ICO Development - The Steps involved In Launching An ICO
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Cryptocurrencies have been thriving in recent years and have been benefitting many businesses and investors by providing a high-profit margin and generating high revenue. Nowadays, there are many crypto projects rising in the market and seeking funds for their development. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the effective fundraising methods that help these upcoming crypto projects. 

A Quickie On The Process Of Launching An ICO

  • When one needs to raise funds for their startup project, one can select the best company that helps in launching the ICO coin or token for their project.

  • Proposing the crypto project’s detailed description to the company will help draft the project's white paper, which is the initial stage in launching the ICO coin. Drafting an attractive and informative white paper on the project impacts in gaining investors for the project.

  • The whitepaper is released as a part of the ICO campaign, and interested investors can buy the tokens or coins for the project using fiat money or digital currency. These tokens are similar to the shares of stock of a company. These tokens that the investors bought enable them to have benefits and profits from the project after its development and successful launch.

  • Once the money is raised, the project’s pursuits will be successfully completed. If the raised money is not enough for the project development, it will be returned to the investors. 


Choosing the best ICO platform for ICO development allows one to gain potential investors for the project development. Even though anyone can establish and launch the Initial Coin Offering, it is preferred to do it professionally. They help one portray and establish a well-drafted whitepaper of the project, which plays a major role in attracting investors and following up on the project’s status on the platform.