Ibex Financial and Management Consulting Lunches Additional Services to SMEs in Oman
Ibex Financial and Management Consulting Lunches Additional Services to SMEs in Oman
We have large and carefully and scientifically categorized database of consumers in Oman. We can help you sell your product. We also provide SME consultancy

Ibex Financial and Management Consulting (Ibex) introduces several additional corporate finance and financial advisory services to its clients in Oman and the GCC. The firm now covers a broad spectrum of services from conducting market research and feasibility study, helping SMEs


raise debt and equity, analyzing capital structure options, operational restructuring services, valuation and financial modelling services.


Since its inauguration in 2009, Ibex strives to enrich the market with innovative, yet essential,


services that help SMEs in Oman and the rest of the gulf thrive. The company started as a basic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider. It gradually added new products and services such as direct sales, contact center, data mining and outsourcing of manpower. In 2012, Ibex launched the first Omani job portal to help employers and jobseekers in the Gulf find each other.


Among the newly introduced services, Debt Restructuring appears to meet the current market’s needs. With the general economic downturn and more so aggravated by Covid-19, a lot of debt restructuring is likely to happen, across the board. The borrowers will seek revised


terms for meeting their existing and future obligations. While very large business houses will have inhouse people to handle, there are lots of SMEs which will benefit from the advisory services.


Ibex anticipates a rapid economic recovery as the number of new Covid-19 cases around the world subsides. Therefore, the firm plans to identify investable SMEs in Oman and attracts potential investors from Oman and the GCC


to acquire partial or major stakes. Furthermore, Ibex has helped and will continue to help aspiring Omani SMEs penetrate the GCC

markets through market research, debt raising, identification of local partners and recruitment of key staff.


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