How to Reset Linksys Router?
How to Reset Linksys Router?
You can reset Linksys wifi router by pressing the reset button present on the device for 10-15 seconds. Wait until the LED starts flashing. Since the reset process erases all the important settings, don’t do it too often. If you want any help with the reset or login process of the Linksys router, get in touch with our technicians in the end.

You might be unable to access your router's setup page online or can't remember the password. You can Reset Linksys Wifi Router if that is the case. Click on the reset icon. Hold it for at least 10 seconds. However, you should be aware that any reset will erase all settings saved to the router. We will now discuss the reset procedure in more detail.

To reset, you need to know what it takes.

     As soon as you press the reset button, the power LED must blink on your router.

The button may be found in different locations depending on the model. To reset an older Linksys gadget, hold the button. Try to do the same for 30 seconds.

     After pressing the button, reconnect the power adapter to your router.

After a reset, the router's power lamp will flash briefly. This means that the router is still producing shots to stabilize. If the light on your router's power circuit does not remain in the stable mode for more than a minute, you can power cycle it.

Reset using a web-based utility

     Start by opening the internet-based configuration page for the router.

     After selecting the Administration tab, click on the Factory tab. This is the default sub-tab.

     Click the Restore Factory Defaults link under the Factory Defaults section.

Note: After the router has been reset to factory default settings, you can modify it to work with your internet provider. After the router is reset, the router's power LED will continue to blink for several seconds. The device will continue to stabilize. Restart the router if the power light does not flash after a minute.



Use the above steps to reset Linksys Wifi Router. Please contact us if you have any queries about the reset procedure or other topics.