How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo
How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo
In this article you will know How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo | To know more read the article.

The Practo app allows users to choose the best doctor, book appointments and health checks, get prescription drugs, and communicate with doctors online. It is an internet tool for scheduling doctor's appointments known as Software as a Service (SaaS).


Through this app or portal, patients can schedule online doctor appointments to get timely medical advice. Patients are free to book appointments whenever it suits them. Additionally, patients can choose from a list of professionals based on their experience, reviews, and ratings, and they can get prescription prescriptions, health consultations, etc. online.


Now, it's simple to schedule doctor's visits and medical consultations online. The web market is becoming flooded with healthcare apps. People don't like to wait around for hours in line or to visit a doctor. They can download a health app like Practo and make an online appointment right away. The cost of creating an app similar to Practo is a concern for the developers due to the overwhelmingly high demand from users.


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What Determines How Much It Will Cost to Develop a Practo-Like App?


Before learning how Practo generates revenue, it is important to comprehend the various aspects that influence the price of developing an app. Analyzing your overall project investment is necessary before you can monetise your app. 


The following elements will influence the price:




The location of your app development project is important. This implies that you have a choice of both domestic and foreign app development service providers. Local service providers are typically less expensive, but US-based software developers cannot be included in this list. Such app development fees in nations like the US and Canada range from $150 to $250 per hour. In some Asian nations, it might be lower.




You must choose a target audience before beginning to develop your Practo app for doctors and patients. Your target clients who adhere to a particular purchasing trend are among the crowd. Depending on customer preferences and market trends, the developers must offer app functionality. Some consumers require very sophisticated functionality, which could increase the cost of developing your software.


Technology Stack


You must also pick the ideal tech stack for creating your app. It includes a range of tools and techniques for creating mobile apps. While some tools need payment, others can be used for nothing. The creators additionally charge for the use of particular instruments in which they have no prior expertise. A Practo-like software needs real-time analytics, push notifications, a cloud environment, and other technologies. a language, a framework, and a database.


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Patient Panel


You must incorporate this feature into your Practo app if you want to reach local physicians and patients. The patient panel is important for various patients who are seeking treatment. On the patient panel, you may find tools like Transaction History, Document Uploads, Sign Up & Sign In, Advanced Filters for Successful Research, and many more.


Admin Panel


The admin panel is utilized by app owners. They have the freedom to change certain software features and functionality whenever they choose. A piece of the admin panel is also included in the price of developing a Practo-like app. Using this admin panel, the app's owners can control which features are accessible. They may charge for some features and make others free in order to build their business.


Additional Features


A few additional factors also help to facilitate the functionality and overall cost of designing an app. With the aid of a health app development business, you can quickly locate and select such supplemental features. The cost to add such features might be high and varies from project to project. Among these extra features are the search bar, live chat, video calling, doctor rating, online payment, and other features.


Time Taken


One of the most well-liked doctor applications is Practo, both inside and outside of India. The program's creators invested enough effort to create something so ground-breaking. However, they might have gotten a good price on the structure. Making such an app requires a significant time and effort investment. This kind of project takes two to five weeks for Indian developers to finish. They also charge anywhere between $40 and $80 to accomplish these activities.


An app that offers more functionality for doctor consultations may be preferred by the target market. The product's inventor intends to make it easy to use. In order to receive the best outcomes and ROI, you must clearly communicate your app development project needs to the app developers.


Cost to develop an app like Practo?


How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo, is the second factor to be taken into account after determining its features. Making a healthcare app will inevitably involve a substantial investment, which may cost millions. However, while developing a mobile app, there are a lot of factors that influence manufacturing costs.


When developing custom iPhone apps, it's critical to pick the appropriate technological stack. Another crucial framework for the app is its user interface, which engages users. To keep users interested, you must use UI/UX components like animation, graphics, and other types.


It frequently depends on a number of variables, including the application's complexity and processing time. In addition to design, structure, and functionality, geographic location also plays a big part in determining how much it costs to construct a mobile app.


Of course, there are a lot of mobile app development companies in the world that charge their customers in different methods. An app development budget can be calculated using the table below.


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