How many points do you obtain from Age for Visa 491?
The skilled independent visa allows you to permanently settle in Australia. Also, the PR holder can sponsor the other family members meeting all the eligibility requirements.

Visa 491 points calculator

To apply for visa 491, the applicant needs to meet all the eligibility requirements. Age is one of the factors, which give points for the immigration process. The points you will get for your age are as follows

  • If you are 18-24 years of age you will get 25 points.
  • If you are 25-32 years of age you will get 30 points
  • If you are 33-39 years of age you will get 25 points
  • If you are 40-44 years of age you will get 15 points

Points plays a key role in you immigration process. Calculate your Visa 491 points using #Australia_491_Points_Calculator

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