How Can the Merchant Portal Provided by a CRM Help Your ISO’s Customer Support?
How Can the Merchant Portal Provided by a CRM Help Your ISO’s Customer Support?
The customer support part of an ISO is very important.

Features and Tools That the Help Desk Tickets Part of the CRM Software Must Have!

The customer support part of an ISO is very important. Keep in mind that your company will provide technical services and software such as the merchant portal. So, you need to make sure that your clients have all the support that they need to start and continue using them properly. Moreover, your ISO must also be able to solve any problem that may arise through the help desk tickets. A reliable CRM must be able to provide 4 types of features. 

• Handle requests promptly. The first thing that the CRM must be able to accomplish is to help your employees to handle all the tickets in the fastest period possible. The faster you deal with your clients’ problems, the more satisfied they will be. Also, reliable software will increase both the efficiency and productivity of your staff. So, your team will be able to help more clients, and the maximum number of clients that your ISO will be able to manage will also increase. 
• Set internal SLAs and monitor your team's effectiveness. The more clients your ISO will have, the more important it will become to monitor your customer service team. Less and fewer mistakes will be allowed, and the effectiveness of your employees matters a lot more. So, with the help desk tickets features of the CRM, you will be able to accomplish these goals and make sure that your team is serious and maintains top effectiveness. 
• Automated notifications for the progress of each ticket. One of the best methods to ensure that the effectiveness of your customer support team is always high is through automated notifications provided by the merchant portal. Every step of the process must be taken into consideration. And your team members must be notified about all the tickets that they manage and solve. This will ensure that no errors appear that will delay your staff and reduce the satisfaction of your clients. 
• Provide top-notch customer support for all your clients. Keep in mind that the importance of the quality of your ISO’s customer support is as high as the quality of the other services and tools that it provides. So, you need to take it seriously and ensure that customer support will always be top-notch. But to accomplish this goal, you will need to use one of the best CRMs on the market. And if possible, you should search for one that is compatible with your ISO. 

Other Features That the Merchant Portal of the CRM Must include!

The help desk tickets are not the only components that the  merchant portal  of your ISO provides. There are several other tools and features that you need to take into consideration. And the RM that you will use can help you accomplish them as well. There are 3 essential parts that you need to make sure to provide with the help of a CRM. And this is also one of the main characteristics that you need to consider while you choose the CRM that you are going to use in the future. 

• Branding consistency through white label portals. For any type of company, branding is one of the essential marketing methods that it must use. And a CRM must be able to help you main a high degree of brand consistency. One of the best methods through which this task can be accomplished is through a white label portal that the CRM can provide. So, you can make use of this type of tool to increase the effectiveness of your branding strategy. 
• SMS notifications for any type of dispute. Another type of feature that a CRM can provide is SMS notifications for your clients every time a new dispute arises. For this, the CRM must also provide top-notch communication tools that will cover as many types of communication channels as possible. Moreover, it must provide other tools and features such as the merchant portal that will help your clients deal with the disputes in the shortest period. 
• Merchant tracking and risk detection. Lastly, the customer support that your company provides can be active as well. The help desk ticket is a passive method that reacts to the problems signaled by your clients. But through tracking, some of the possible problems that your clients may encounter soon can also be detected. So, your ISO can be proactive and warn or help your clients prevent possible problems. 

Benefits That You Can Expect from a Proper Help Desk Tickets and Other Customer Support Features!

As you can see, a top-notch ISO must be able to take care of all the customer support needs of your clients. But you may wonder if the benefits that come from the  help desk tickets  are truly worth it. Well, the answer is yes. Even if you only consider the 3 biggest benefits that you will get, the resources and effort that your company will use for the customer support part of the company are more than worth it. 

• Increase customer satisfaction. The obvious benefit will be a drastic increase in the satisfaction that your clients will get from the use of your company software and tools. You can make use of this benefit to attract even more clients with more ease and effort than in the past. Your clients may start to market your services and products by themselves to a high degree of satisfaction. 
• Increase the convenience for your clients. A top-notch merchant portal will not only take care of the essential needs of your clients. But it will also help them to grow their companies much faster and with greater efficiency. Keep in mind that the more and the faster your clients grow, the more benefits your ISO will receive. For example, the profits that your company will make will increase together with the revenue that your clients produce. 
• Increase the lifespan of the collaborations with clients. Lastly, if your clients are satisfied, then you will never need to worry that they will leave for your competitors. So, the lifespan of the collaborations that you have with them will increase. And that will allow your ISO to reach much higher heights than it could reach in the past.