How AI is revolutionizing the mobile applications
How AI is revolutionizing the mobile applications
As more and more applications are coming up in the market, changing the way we work and live, AI has further enabled the launch of intelligent apps meeting the user’s requirement of users.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over almost everything! Recent years have witnessed the application of AI in providing innovative solutions to people. This has also led mobile app developers to leverage AI and revolutionize the world of app development. There is absolutely no doubt that Artificial Intelligence presents numerous opportunities to innovate in the app industry and is shifting the trend of how users interact with their mobile applications.

Having Artificial Intelligence embedded in the application is the need of the hour. Apps that refrain from using AI technology will ultimately lag behind and will certainly fail to compete with intelligent apps coming up and entirely changing the world of mobile apps. To understand this further, let’s shed light upon how AI is helping the developers to survive in the cut-throat competition by boosting the user's experience:

Personalized experience: Combining AI with IoT (Internet of Things), developers are able to create and give a personalized experience to users. When a customer uses his/her device, a huge amount of data is collected in real-time and is then used by Artificial Intelligence to give them a personalized experience. These apps track the user’s location automatically and process results accordingly, giving personalized results. Based on the behavioral patterns and other related factors, AI-infused applications are able to give personalized suggestions to a user for a better experience.

For instance, Amazon Go is a great example of an intelligent app, giving a personalized experience to users, which gives suggestions to the users based on their past behaviors, the app automatically observes and shows desired results on its own.

Improved security: Security has been one of the biggest concerns in the mobile app industry, where, security for users and security for developers, both can be taken care of with AI-based technology. With the emergence of AI, it has become easy to draw predictions about the application’s vulnerability and security.  As AI analyses user behavior pattern, it generates an alert immediately if any suspicious activity is found, thus, making the app secure. The AI technology has equipped the developers to find the loopholes in the app’s security and take necessary actions to fix them, thus, reducing the risks of intruders attack.

Home Automation: AI-powered applications have drastically helped people to improve their life by automating various tasks through an app which were earlier not possible. Just with the use of simple applications users are now able to control different home appliances right at the touch with their application. AI, as a part of the application,  has enabled the users to turn on or turn off the lights, control television, stop/start the moving equipment, make coffee, use the oven and what not! The different home automation applications have helped the users to automate tasks and make their life a lot easier. Some of the great examples of such apps include Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, among others.

24*7 Support through Chatbots: As customer support is a must for any app to flourish, AI-based applications bridge this gap and provide uninterrupted customer support through chatbots. Chatbots automate the entire process, making it relevant and fast. App owners are now able to provide consistent customer support services 24*7 between the business and the customers, taking care of the impressive conversation experience. These Chatbots can also interact with multiple users at the same time with the utmost accuracy. Especially the messaging apps make great use of Chatbots to make it more efficient and respond to user’s queries proactively.  

Intelligent Alerts: Traditionally, mobile app alerts were sent to users as per the specified time, however, the introduction of AI into the applications have allowed the apps to develop highly personalized alerts, fetching quick results and engagement. These AI-based apps are intelligent enough to collect, track usage and determine the best time to send push up notifications and alerts to users to make the most out of the apps and lure user’s attention.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, AI is capable of performing wonders when it comes to mobile app development, and thus the adoption of this technology is not just limited to big giants like Google, Amazon or Apple, but is also being applied in several applications to improve the overall experience. To make smart decisions, improve user experience, engage customers and drive innovation, AI-based applications are a one-stop solution for developers.

If you too are looking forward to getting your own AI-app developed, it's just the right time for you! You can give your business a kick by getting an innovative mobile app developed for your customers, giving them an AI-based user experience. Make sure to hire Android App developer or hire iOS developers to infuse AI with your robust app and take your business to the next level !