Get A Guide About How to do 123 HP Com Setup
Get A Guide About How to do 123 HP Com Setup
Here, you will get complete information about 123 hp com setup & printer is in error state

Get A Easy Guide About How to do 123 HP Com Setup

HP Printers are the best printing solutions existing in the market with maximum computer compatibility. HP printers proffer top-notch quality services to the home user, personal or even for daily users in offices. So, if you are a new buyer of an HP printer, then it is required to first unbox the printer and then set it up on your PC so that you can print. To know more about 123.hp com/setup. Being a newbie you are not able to set up your HP printer on your computer system. In that case, you will have to visit the website 123 hp com/setup and follow up on all the noted instructions very carefully.

Check your HP Printer control panel for additional directions. Your system will prompt you to proceed with the facility unit cartridge installation once that you’ve needed to end the paper receptacle settings. It’s necessary to make use of the papers that aren’t fragmented then shut the cartridge entrance. Examine your control panel and make sure of the flourishing initial HP Printer setup. Once your unit of measurement did build use the following steps to complete the remaining 123 HP Com Setup procedure on a flourishing note.

Setup HP printer on Windows and MAC through 123 hp com/setup page: 

  • After the installation of the printer is done, one needs to find the Apple symbol on the top left-hand corner of the screen and click it. Then, click on System Preferences.
  • After that, find the icon of Printers and Scanners and click on it.
  • To add the HP printer to the device, click on the “+” symbol, and then click on the option of Add Printer.
  • After the above-mentioned steps are completed properly, a new window will open. Once this window opens, one needs to click on the IP icon that appears at the top and then fill out the data that are asked.
  • Once all the necessary data are filled out, one needs to add the printer to their PC. This will make the printer appear in the printers once the configuration has been done. To ensure that the printer is working properly and producing the desired result, one can go ahead and print a test page.
  • In case the printer does not appear in the printer's list, one needs to go back and follow all the steps yet again to reconnect the printer.

How to Fix HP Printer in an Error State?

If you are looking for the HP printer in error state how to fix it. There is a gamut of solutions possible to get the printer out from the error state. One of the most common mistakes we all make is not checking the printer’s connection and power. This is how to fix the printer in an error state. Try the steps to fix the HP Envy offline Windows and HP 1200 Windows 10 error.

  • Ensure Printer is ON
  • Check for the printer’s physical power and if that is fine, then go to your system’s control panel.
  • In the given options, select the “Device and Printer” option and then select “Printers”.
  • Here you can find that your printer is offline or Online. If it is offline, then right-click on the printer and select “Use printer online.”
  • By doing this, your printer status will change from offline to Ready.

Apply this method and check for the internal settings; this will help to resolve the HP printer in error state issues. Also, you can use the same method for the HP printer won’t turn on issues.

HP Printer in Error State Issue Fix

In case if you wish to try your hands on first then you can easily follow certain basic steps which are provided here and get going, however, if you still struggle then just get in touch with us immediately and we will be more than happy to help.  Here are a few basic steps mentioned below for you which you can try without any hassle.

1) Check the Connection of the Printer –

The first and foremost thing that one should do is to thoroughly check the printer’s connection, at times the HP printer in error state can occur if the connections are either loose or not set up properly, therefore make sure that all the connections that are interlinked to your printer are properly connected. To know more about the printer is in error state. Check the connection between your PC and Printer, if in-case there is a loop then rectify it immediately and run a test print to confirm.

2) Restart the Printer, and the devices connected –

At times restarting the devices alone solves the major problem of the printer in an error state, therefore switch off and then switch on (preferably after a few seconds) all the devices connected including the HP Printer. You may see that the error is no longer there.

Conclusion: If you still face any kind of issues in troubleshooting you can call us on our Printer Contact Number. We have a team of expert and certified technicians who are having great knowledge of every technical term of the printer and thus they can resolve your issues on time without making you wait much. Get instant help from us and access your printer trouble-free.