Generic Drugs Are Produced At A Far Lower Cost Than Branded Medications
Generic Drugs  Are Produced At A Far Lower Cost Than Branded Medications
In terms of effectiveness, impact, strength, dose form, and mode of administration, generic medications are referred to as the bioequivalent equivalents of branded medications. Generic Drugs have become popular as secure and reliable substitutes for name-brand medications throughout time.

A generic drug is a medication with the same therapeutic effect as a branded drug and the same active component. In terms of safety, quality, dosage, strength, administration method, intended use, effect, form, and adverse effects, it is also the same. Only once the brand-name drug's patent expires can these drugs be manufactured. Generic Drugs  are produced at a far lower cost than branded medications since no additional clinical (human) and animal testing is necessary to prove the drug's efficacy and safety. Even though they are produced utilising the same strict manufacturing and safety methods and keep the same quality, the pharmaceuticals are provided at considerably lower prices.

A generic drug is a prescription pharmaceutical developed to be identical to a brand-name drug that has previously been commercialised in dose form, potency, administration method, quality, performance attributes, and intended use.An unbranded medication that is comparable to a branded or reference listed medication in terms of dosage, administration, and effectiveness is known as a Generic Drugs a prescription medication with the same active component composition as a name-brand medication. In most cases, generic medications are less expensive than name brands. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these medications are just as secure and efficient as name-brand medications.

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