Framed game - Hot Game 2022
Framed game  - Hot Game 2022
Gaming can be an escape from the real world, or it can give us a new persapective on things. Sometimes, it’s even both at once.

Framed game - Hot Game 2022

What is Framed game? 

Framed game - A puzzle game by guessing the movie name from the images for those who love movies or movies, or maybe want to discover a new game. Inspired by Wordle, Heardle, and all other spin-offs. It is a spin-off of Wordle based on the movie in which you have to guess the mystery movie within 6 tries based on clues given by the system.

Where to play game? 

You can play “Framed game” for free on the online web home page. The game will be updated at 12 o'clock every day. You can play on any browser because this is a web game, on any smart electronic device like a TV, mobile phone, laptop/desktop.

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