For Authentic & Rare Art Connoisseurs, Heaven Does Exist “Rockscape” takes the pride in its creation.
For Authentic & Rare Art Connoisseurs, Heaven Does Exist “Rockscape” takes the pride in its creation.
A growing demand for authentic art and artefacts has the connoisseurs turn to Rockscape for exquisite pieces of design and never-before-seen artistry and craftsmanship.

Mumbai(24th January, 2020) - With the rise in the number of theaffluent and admirers of art, it’s no surprise that the oldest art in the worldgains the most traction. Operating from India and the United States, Rockscapesatisfies the needs of all its customers and anyone who is looking for ancientart fused beautifully with modern ingenuity. Its unmatched expertise includesCustom Stone Carvings, PietreDure works, traditional & contemporary jali(screens), Custom Brass/Bronze Casts furniture, home decor accessories, Art ofHand Cut Mirror, Ethically Sourced Bone Inlays and a host of custom-made artthat it creates with exemplary distinction.

Whether it is India, USA or any placein the world, Rockscape is a revelation that brings together the power ofsoulful art, design and architecture touching the human spirit and sending themacross the globe.

“We’ve come a long way since 1996. Weknow kings and queens from ancient times have commissioned exquisite beautiesof rock art that still survive today. While we do drop our jaws at thenear-perfection artistry of the ancients, we at Rockscape have chosen to focusat the dedication and absolute commitment to work they had, something we striveto achieve every day. Thankfully, our customers have rewarded our dedication ofour team of master artisans and craftsmen with their loyalty that we’re todayone of the most sought-after firms for unparalleled beauties”, said Mr. RohitAgarwal, founder of Rockscape.


Rockscape specialises in rock art ofCarving Stone Marble, Italian Marble and Semi Precious Stone Inlays, CustomCrafted Lamps and Urns among a plethora of splendid art.

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