Features worth considering for your school bus management software
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Educational institutions are more inclined towards students’ safety nowadays. The process of assigning a supervisor to manage school fleets is highly laborious and time-consuming, as well. To solve this issue, modern technology has paved the way for school bus management software. With this software, school officials and parents have instant access to the fleets. In this blog, let’s take a look at different features worth considering in a school fleet management software. 

A comprehensive fleet management software solution includes, 

  • Driver app

  • Parents app

  • School Admin panel 

Features of Driver app: 

  • Pick-up logs: Drivers, after picking up students, can log the attendance of students with this feature. This way, school officials and parents get to know the exact time of the pick-up. 

  • Drop-off logs: Similar to pick-up logs, drivers can simply tap a button on their app after dropping off every student at their respective destinations. 

  • In-app navigation: Drivers can navigate to each bus stop seamlessly with this in-app navigation feature. Moreover, they’ll get to know the shortest route to the respective destination. 

Features of Parents app: 

  • Estimated Time of Arrival: With this feature, parents get to know the estimated time of arrival of their children. 

  • Real-time tracking: Parents can track the activity of the school fleet sitting at a single place almost instantly. 

  • Change preferences: Parents can change the drop-off locations of their children according to their interests and schedules. 

Features of School Admin panel: 

  • Monitor vehicles: School admins can monitor the entire activity of different school fleets seamlessly sitting at a single place. 

  • Push Notifications: Admins will get instant updates on traffic, pick-up, and drop-off activities of the fleet in the form of push notifications. 

  • Vehicle Status: Admins will get to monitor the conditions of different fleets periodically, thereby preventing vehicle breakdown. 

Summing up, 

Features determine the scalability of the app in the market. Integrating stand-apart features in your school bus fleet software can increase the popularity of the app and improves the reliability of parents and officials towards the app.